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Giving Architects | NZ$100

On behalf of the team at Giving Architects and Impact Architects, thanks for your great work promoting responsible and impact investment best practice and transparency in the finance sector

Sander | NZ$30

Keep up the great work. Merry Christmas.


Leon | NZ$20

Tracy | NZ$20

A force for good! Thanks for getting this off the ground, may your vision unfold!


Thank you for making it easier to invest more responsibly, which is a part of the change that the world so urgently needs.

Paul Lodge

Great work, guys. I appreciate the way you are using your talents for the good of all.

Hamish | NZ$20

Mindful Money has been great for comparing the ethical pros and cons of various kiwisaver schemes. I shared the link to you site with all my colleagues. Thanks for your work.

Rosalind David | NZ$50

You know this is a really good cause. Let's change money from being the root of all evil to a force for good.