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Erica Brown Entertainment | $26.27

Hey! Waiting for a Patreon -type way to donate every month! Till then, I'll keep giving every month. Thanks!!

Misty Saribal

Theatre combined with direct action for the winnnnn!

Quinn | $21.08

Thank you so much for the A Raisin in the Sun event! <3

Terry Burnsed | $57.42

Thanks for the hoodie and the T-shirt! They just arrived today; I thought the gesture warranted a donation. As does all the good work.

Eileen Abbattista | $75

Thank you for your work to document and detail the taxpayer-funded costs of Hancock's terrible traumatic policies, the continuing sweeps of people without homes. Hancock himself has always stonewalled these $$$ figures. And apparently also cannot grasp the human costs -- if he could, or would truly try to grasp them, how could the sweeps continue?

Dianne | $52.23

Thank you for your wonderful truth telling. You should look into the reality of the Mayor's promise of "services" and "housing." These are illusions. "Services" consist of meeting with a case worker once a week. Period. Call me for more info.


Thank you for your incredible work!

Emily Przekwas | $75

Thank you for your incredible work! ✊

Lexanne and Leroy

Incredible work Abolitionists!

Kenneth Mccorkell | $26.27

Keep up the good work! Love the plays

Tess | $46.46

"Outrage without action is white supremacy self-soothing." This donation is offered in honor of Max Rose, whose unwavering commitment to our unhoused neighbors has provided inspir undoubtedly is pulling strings on the other side. Rest in Power my love.