Donor Wall (39)

Christie Obiaya & Mahesh Konduru | $259.11

Anna Lequio

so inspiring

Marie Pinckney | $52.07


Keep up the good work!!

Deb Barnds | $103.83

Marie | $103.83

I am overwhelmed by the good work that has been done and so much more opportunities

Vanessa Uhlig | $52.07


Tricia Christensen | $103.83

Helen & Russell Pyne | $259.11

Laura Dahl | $517.91

The mask production is so impressive!

The McLaughlin Family | $517.91

Jeff & Kelley Siemon | $500

Dolores Dolan | $103.83

Catherine & Tom Sharpe | $500

Amy Underwood | $207.35

Go Brooke and Brandy! What a wonderful cause!

Amanda North | $259.11

Leah Vinton | $103.83

Erika schillinger | $250

Thank you for your creativity and steadfast empowerment of women!

Michael & Mari Havens | $414.39

Alison Poetsch | $207.35

Marie Pellegrino | $52.07

This donation is made in honor of Marie Mamone Pinckney and her work with Mercado Global. We believe in this wonderful organization and empowering Guatemalan women.

Laura Kavanaugh | $517.91

From Vecinos (formerly PV ChangeMakers) holiday caroling event

Lisa Putnam | $200

Donation on behalf of Vecinos Annual Caroling Event (Laura Kavanaugh) and Annual Holiday Boutique (Megan Collins Koch). Such wonderful work they are doing! Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Sabeen | $259.11

thank you for all your work!

Su | $52.07

It is due to Marie Mamone's outreach that I am donating in her honor

Laura Bachrach Prober | $2,070.70

I continue to be so impressed with the progress made to grow Mercado Global - expanding opportunities to the deserving and hard-working women of Guatemala. Thank you!

laura dahl | $362.63

We will never forget meeting the women artisans (and their children) supported by Mercado Global.

Lisa Nash | $207.35

I am proud to support Mercado Global and their important, empowering partnership with women entrepreneurs in Guatemala. I make this donation in honor of my friends and Mercado Global advocates, Karae Lisle and Amanda North.

Rene Miller Mittenzwei | $51.96