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Luke | $25/M

Michele Kendrioski | $25/M

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. I have been blessed to be communicating with Bai addressing as a respondent to an unwanted annulment. Michele Kendrioski

Lakestyle Media LLC | $25/M

Kevin Taylor | $137/M

For years I have been looking and praying for an advocate for marriage, and when I finally pushed through my lack of confidence and started calling Catholic organizations was I referred to Mary's Advocates. A prayer answered. I give knowing God's love works through his children in their charity and their suffering.

Louise | $25/M


Mary's advocates is the only full-time effort dedicated to countering the erroneous redefinition of divorce (from public to private).

mike dycus | $125/M

Please consider becoming a patron to Mary's Advocates. Folks are distraught over what is happening in the Church. Bai is doing something about it. She is fighting back. She needs our help. I am very selective where I spend my money earmarked for charity. Just as not all pro-life groups are the same, so too, not all groups who defend marriage are the same. Please help!

Denise Mullarkey | $10/M