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Kamila Anwar

In honour of my beloved teachers Dr Sharifa Keith and Dr Ibrahim Jaffe. May Allah give Barakah in their teachings and help spread the message of Mercy, Love, Justice and Freedom to all. All Praise is for Allah alone, the most high to whom we bow and surrender completely.

Farida | $519.52




I love the Sufi way and the clearing of the heart.

Hadia Penny Wasserman | $239.15

Please make 180 for taking hand (u.e. sacrifice) and 50 for khalwa. Thanks.

Cindy WETZEL | $500

All Praise Be to Allah. For Sufi Promise & crossing into a higher station. Allah is my protector.




All praises due to Allah

Anonymous | $300

A sacrifice for the promise for Jamila Sigita Becker

Ida Beltran | $259.92

this donation is for taking the Promise, October 1st, 2020, promise taking with Dr Ibrahim Jaffe- my name is Ida Beltran


Quran 50