Donor Wall (18)

Linda | $104.15

Keep up all the love for our beloved equine family and friends




Brooke Wojdyla | $104.15

Merry Christmas Mom..... Thank you TRF for all that you do! Love, Brooke&Sean

Michael Franch | $52.23

Hooded Justice | $10.70

Glenn Waugaman | $104.15

Keep up the great work...

Roy Blum | $1,000

Linda | $52.23

Happy Holidays!!

Alyssa Maresca

Thanks for all your wonderful work taking care of these amazing animals!

Mary Holthaus | $52.23

Hay for Horses

Aqila | $41.85

George Christos | $259.92

Brian Noyes | $26.27

I lost a head to head bet with Andy Serling but was going to donate even if I won. Thank you TRF for your efforts.

Chris | $35

Andy Sterling’s Breeders Cup head to head


Congratulations all the way around. For a great organization and a great ambassador, as she celebrates a birthday milestone!! Y’all are a perfect match!!😘

Cheryl Rowder

For hay in honor of Euro