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Len Jagoda | $104.15

Millennium Strategies

Michael Hodgman | $519.52

Thank you for all you do! Love, Hailey Steed


In memory of Alfred "Fred" O Powell

Kimberlee Taylor

Arline & Iano Conigliaro

Christopher warick | $36.66

I love the whole idea of these beautiful animals who bring joy to me daily watching and wagering on them and to the men and woman who made some bad decisions in life and are trying to better themselves. What a great daily double 😍 . god bless them and the people behind this organization. 🙏

Robert | $104.15

Donation from @drinksonrob Keep up the great work!

Alida Ransom | $36.66

Proud to be a West Point Thoroughbred Partner

jerry hayes | $104.15

Backstretch Studio | $104.15

sandra boom | $26.27

I chose to sponsor Esteemed Friend because he was by Gulch. My friends, Tommy and Barbara Lee Tanner, now deceased, bred their Maryland Horse of the Year, Wide Country, to him. Barbara Lee was one of my best friends, so this horse really meant a lot to me. He lived to be 26 and died peacefully.

Leonard Jagoda | $104.15

Chloe Rivet, Equestrian Next Door | $52.23

My donation comes from Chloe Rivot of Equestrian Next Door. We had a contest, she won and requested the money go to you!

Backstretch Studio | $104.15


In honor of all the wonderful horses who gave us so much pleasure!

Jen Roytz | $104.15

This donation is in honor of Kim Wier's 2nd anniversary with TRF. Keep up the good work, Kim!

Mary Cariveau | $15.89

Kathryn Contarino | $104.15

This donation is in honor of my horse Conquest Z, who, although not a thoroughbred, still had a fierce heart.

Nicolette | $104.15

William | $104.15

Corie Marty | $104.15

Len Jagoda | $104.15

Teresa DeMusis | $100

Please use this donation however it will best serve your herd. It is being made in memory of my own beloved horse, Scout, who I lost in February.

Mae-Mae R Taylor | $104.15

This donation is in honour of my beloved and cherished Thoroughbreds who, over the many years of being together, have given me an incredible skill set of Drive and Determination. No matter what is tossed at us, we keep it Going Forward with calmness of mind and graciousness.

sandra boom | $21.08

This donation is in memory of my husband Gary Boom whose 3rd anniversary of his passing is on April 30th. He loved horses and horse racing.

Cedar Creek Thoroughbreds, LLC | $52.23

Amy Hoffer | $21.08

Cheryl | $52.23

Jenny Hudson | $104.15