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Elisabeth Strenger

To honor a great horse woman, Kathy Roberts, the UMass Amherst Dressage team's coach, upon the loss of her special horse, "Cal."

Lourdes Abellera | $52.23

Thank you for honoring Quick Call with a memorial. I join you in celebrating his purposeful life with this gift.

JJ Reardon | $52.23

Thanks to the ITM Media team for their coverage of the IG straight fire pick6 - we won all our photos!!

JEFFREY | $37.69

Joanne Connelly | $311.84

Len Jagoda | $104.15

Kim | $156.07

Chris/Katie Brown | $1,038.73

Excited to make our first donation from proceeds of “Roll Cyrus Roll: The Adventures of Cyrus the Colt” #RollCyrusRoll

Ahlemeyer Farms Bakery | $233.96

We are donating the sales of our Kentucky Chocolate pie from derby weekend in honor/support of all the horses who are mistreated and sacrifice so much just for the entertainment of people. 😓

Heather | $31.46


Philippa | $41.85

Alida Ransom | $31.46

Len Jagoda | $104.15

In memory of Prince Graphic, AKA Jon

Len Jagoda | $104.15

Paul Halloran | $52.23

In honor of the new Communications Director. Perfect choice. Congrats.

Michele | $208

Il vostro lavoro è veramente importante. Grazie, anche da parte dei miei cavalli in Italia.

Andrew | $26.27

Keep up the great work !!

Len Jagoda | $104.15

Henry | $25

Please help retired horses as much as we can. They all deserve to live in a safe and wonderful place after their retirement.

Skidmore College | $30

This donation is being made on behalf of Skidmore College Faculty member, Pushi Prasad.

Mary Holthaus | $52.23

Rebekah | $26.27

Thank you for all you do for these incredible and beautiful animals!!!!!!!!!

Glenn Tonner | $96.88

Great work, keep it up.

Patricia Whitford | $50

This donation is in honor of Alexis and TVG. Thank you so much!

Paula Ramsay | $104.15

David Schiltz | $52.23

Erika Goldsborough Turner | $104.15

Jeffrey | $36.66

Kelly Boyd | $259.92