Donor Wall (264)

Nancy | $36.66


Matt | $500

Harvey Bass | $52.23

sandra boom | $21.08

Juliann Santoro | $26.27

Donated as Xmas gift for Tricia Levitt

Vivien Malloy

I always offer my ex race horses to a list of people who retrain for show or 3 day or pleasure horses. If they are only pasture sound I want to make sure there is a place for them to live out a peaceful life.

Kenneth Jordan | $519.52

Louis Mazzarelli | $1,038.73


The best friend a girl ever had. I’ll miss him forever.

Anonymous | $104.15

Vicky Eastwood | $100

Kelly Christensen | $104.15

Charles Yassky | $200

Nancy Lewis | $52.23

Tom Little | $36.66

Matt Miller | $221.43

Contribution made to protest strict adherence to budgets on podcast pick 5 bets :)

Paul Halloran | $221.43

10% of Pick 5 win at GP 12/10/22

Wayne/Jan Blackmer | $104.15

Matthew | $52.23

Anonymous | $26.27

Vivian Nesbitt | $52.32

Renee Venturino

Uncle Frank had a passion for horses and racing, and this seemed perfect to have his memory live on helping the industry that have him pleasure.

Bill Robeson | $78.19

Dominique K Young

John Rice | $104.15

Peter | $52.23

mark | $26.41

A small gift on behalf of Andie, Gabby and Christina for all their hard work picking winners and being wonderful ambassadors to the sport of horse racing. Your genuine love for horses makes it easy for others to want to give back all year to these wonderful animals. A very heartfelt Thank you for all that you do.

Beth Mapes | $104.15

Fred | $52.23

Please look out for more donations in honor of my mom who just passed. Her obituary will be published soon.