Donor Wall (206)


Julie Robson | £10

Darcy | £10

Gav Murphy | £50

The Naked Poets Live | £505

Donation from The Naked Poets Live, first ever virtual poetry event. All ticket proceeds have been donated from everyone who joined and a few donors. The event was a great success. Love Emily and Tracy

Lee | £36

Donation from Murieston United AFC on behalf of M2C United AFC (Edinburgh)

Amanda | £20

Mary | £50

In memory of Ashleigh Fellowes, may Ashleigh rest in peace, knowing that her efforts will help raise awareness and save the lives of others.

Keely Joseph | £473

This is your half of the donations that I received following me shaving my hair.

Carmen Girvan | £50

Monster and Fox | £30

From Monster & Fox, Brancaster. Donation requested by Sophie Springford, competition winner. With much love X

James Love | £75

In loving memory of my inspirational and wife Irene Love

Mags & Bob | £100

Emma Girvan | £50

Jennifer | £20

Rachel Lock, an absolutely amazing woman and auntie who will always be with us in our hearts and minds.

Alistair Henderson | £25

Christine | £20

In memory of Rachel Lock

10th Perthshire Beavers | £715

10th Perthshire Beavers held a coffee evening and raffle and would like to donate the proceeds in memory of one of their leaders, Sylvia Wallace, who eas such a support and inspiration and who we all miss dearly.

Paul Sharkey | £2,000

In memory of my beautiful wife Serona. Keep up the great work you’re doing.

Bernadette Wilson

Jessica | £20

Liz | £10

Irene Holmes | £40

John Gill | £20

Susan Ekins | £20

Martin Gill | £20

Peter Smith | £20

Re Jessica Wilson

Andrew Howland | £25

Spencer Hillier | £10

Jonathan | £30

To my beautiful, fun loving Aunty Rachel. Lots of love Lauren and Kenny.