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Anonymous | £50

Abdul-Azeez Henry | £50

May Allah bless this noble effort

Anonymous | £5

Salma Ali

Please make dua for me that Allah makes learning the Quran easy for me and my child, I love to learn but have been struggling.

Joshua | £10.61

On behalf of Joshua Douglas

Anonymous | £15

Sareena Eléa Ajmal | £20

‘If you are grateful, I will give you more’ I’m grateful to have come across the college before Ramadan, it helped me elevate my spirituality for the blessed month. In times I needed to realign my intentions And reconnect there was daily educational videos posted to elevate my eman . Ramadan is half way over and I'm already in such a better place. So I give thanks to everyone behind this great institution :)

Arshad Khan

Solomon | £15.79

Anonymous | $26.27

Sticking to the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah is a rare etiquette this college thrives in, Allah bless the efforts of Marinah College