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I loved the exchange last night on March 16th. Sadly I can’t make every month.

Lilli May | £104.08

Catherine Donovan | £104.08

Sue Roberts Ltd | £100

Lindsay Hughes-Roberts | £31.39

CHE | £250

Great project and have got our full support here at CHE

W. Breuer | £21

Good luck for strong homoepathy

Anonymous | £52.15

The right time snd the right subject, Good luck !

Wendy Scrase | £21

Wish I could give more. Brilliant worthy idea - I wish your fundraising efforts and Philippa all the best.

Hannah Shine | £21

Ann | £41.77

This is an excellent opportunity to develop much-needed evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy at a time when other healthcare providers are struggling to develop effective protocols for the treatment of Long-COVID

Carol B | £52.15

Brilliant opportunity for much needed research. What a win - win. If not now, then when?

Anonymous | £250

This research is needed right now, I am so pleased to see HINT getting behind it.