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    You are invited to join with us in the spirit of a Gift Economy. The conventional price or value of a program like this would ordinarily be $97-$397 or more per month for 12 months. But it is important that this really be a social experiment in living according to a new pattern. So it cannot be reduced to a fee-for-services contract, as if it were only an online transformational learning course.

    Accordingly, we invite you to join with us to co-create this social experiment. Please consider the monthly donation that is appropriate for you to contribute. We’d like you to make an informed choice. Based on norms of online transformational learning programs, we expect that the “hard costs” of paying the staff to do the necessary work will be about $65/month per person. We are asking you to contribute at least this much if you can; if you can’t afford that you should know that our sense of the minimum amount we can accept to stay in integrity with our efforts is $35/month, but we have no fixed rules and we want serious colleagues in this work to be able to participate, without money getting in the way. Please contact us by email at [email protected]com to make your request. Our non-profit organization, A New Republic of the Heart, will be receiving all donations and handling them in service to our mission.

    Terry plans to devote significant time to this project, and we want him to earn part of his living in the process; that would imply a larger average monthly contribution. Additionally, we hope that some of you will want to “pay it forward” and make a more generous monthly donation that can sustain others and co-create a community-wide spirit of generosity. In this way, we can enact our intentions that our relationships not be commodified, and we won’t fall into the capitalistic roles of service-providers and consumers-of-services. We hope this creates a spirit of generosity and humor that liberates everyone.

    A New Republic of the Heart is a California-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and welcomes your financial contributions to sustain our mission.