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Michel St - Pierrer | C$50

Anon | C$250

Robert | C$50

Nadejda Aletkina | C$50

Towards the Canadian Peoples' victory over usurpers of state power!

mania | C$25

Gilbert Landry | C$25

Branda Gagnon | C$50

GO, GO, GO, let's start to learn!

Corline Berard | C$25

I Corline Berarad, believe and support Nicole Lebrasseur. I give my consent for her to speak on my behalf as a Canadian Citizen and a member of the Canadian People Union.

Eric Ek | C$10

Thank you for fighting for my rights.

David Bartok | C$25

This is David, I beleive in your cause to create a unified Canada


Thank you for all the hard work you are doing. Canada really needs this!

Louis | C$25

It's time we take action against the corruption in this country; Our Canada

Suzanne | C$25

Caty | C$25

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Je te remercie de ton aide et je te souhaite franc succès

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Thank you for all your hard work