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Octavia | $20/M

Kofi Afryie Thompson Green | $30

Haloo, me akan nua barima, M'ani aso, a wo. Thank you for your lesson on you tube, I'm grateful to make an offering to my Akan brother. Me y3 akan nie., From the American diaspora. Me da wo asse for your well appreciated work Kofi

Joyce | C$20/M

Yaw, amazing work! I thank you for allowing me to keep my native language alive whilst living abroad for many years!

Kobi Kai Calev | $5

Thank you so much Yaw, not only this is the highest quality Akan/Twi material produced yet, but it's also affordable and so much of it accessible for free, I believe this is the way to go, and will support when possible (just bought the Idiom guide as well), keep it up, and may more and more languages have quality learning material!

Melissa Fischer

Yaw, Thank you for your responsiveness to my project's needs. Your work was thorough and timely. I am grateful for your assistance. Melissa


LEARNAKAN is an important, crucial tool for those in the Diaspora. Yaw teaches very thoroughly and correctly. Thank you for making Twi possible to speak.

Fanny Elisabeth Garvey

My DNA revealed my ancestors came from Ghana. Thank you helping me learn my ancestral language. Much love peace and blessings to you!

Wofa | $100

Keep up the good work bro: