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James Pestka

Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (Approved Grant Funding) | $1,700,000

Kathleen and Jon Staudacher

Leo and Alice McIntyre

Margaret Hoerner

Bayview Resort

Edward Wojahn

Mary Ann and Kevin Wojahn

Quota International Of Iosco County

Neil Yake

Debra and Christopher Squires

Au Sable Valley Audubon

Susan Kingsbury


My family has had a cottage on Huron for 80 years, and I am so overjoyed and excited to see this property become a park!

Cynthia Dodick

Preserving this coastline and making it accessible to the public is truly honoring the land, the Lake and the people! What a treasure. Thank you!

Susan Ruckle

Barbara and Kenneth Bollin

Susan Freel

Louis and Florence Rogers

Gary & Ruth Barnes | $208

In honor of our grandchildren, Eliana and Everett.

Kathy T.

Emily and Robert Kemnitz

The Boathouse Beer Co. & Boozery

Donald Harten

Carlynn and Stanley Kidd

Carolyn Lindhorst

Debra and John Meyer

Diane and Michael Hammond

Judy and James Mertz

Martha Gadola | $104.15

We are very excited to support this project in Alabaster Township. Our family has owned property in Alabaster since 1939 and have enjoyed the natural beauty of the area and our beloved Lake Huron for 82 years now.