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The 2020 Presidential Election is sure to be one of the most critical events in our time. Donald Trump's election in 2016 threw American politics into crisis. Now, four years later, the American people have big decisions to make; the entire fabric of American society hangs in the balance.

KPFK and the Pacifica Foundation aim to provide investigative and analysis-focused coverage rather than concentrating on breaking news of the conventions. We are relying on you to send Margaret PrescodSonali KolhatkarMitch Jesoritch, and Ian Masters to cover the conventions this year. All too often, mainstream media reduces the election coverage to the "horse race," or focuses solely on controversies; and fails to address how the candidates' policies will impact the lives of real people.

We need your help to meet our goal of $40,000 to fund coverage by Sojourner TruthRising Up with Sonali KholutkarBackground Briefing teams, and support staff. With your support, we will be able to send our teams to the political conventions, allowing them to deliver real insight into the significance of the 2020 election campaign. KPFK's objective is to provide a unique analysis that these three programs have been known for. 

Make your contribution now and support our 2020 Elections Coverage campaign.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to help fund the operations to cover the conventions, provide lodging, a center of operations, travel, and equipment for our teams. The content produced during the convention will allow us to provide content for our KPFK, our sister stations, and over 20 community media outlets that rely on our content.