Donor Wall (12)

Sadies bed and Breakfast | $50

Dan Eckhart Law | $500

Laferrel Evans | $104.15

Good luck brother.

SkyView Aerial Imaging LLC

I served with Jon in the military. really great guy and stands by his word and his beliefs!

Tim Cozelos | $26.27

John Garcia Del Solar

Ryan Shipley | $104.15

Wishing you the best with you campaign Brother. Sky Soldiers forever!!

Jennifer Arguello | $150

Good luck! You are amazing and with Gods grace you will do amazing things! Love you.

Rene | $1,000

Passion, perseverance and prepared. I have faith that Jon will aim high and achieve much as he brings his energy and conviction to the School Board. Our children deserve to be challenged, encouraged and rewarded with success and I know Jon will deliver.

CenterPoint Strategic Business Services | $52.23

Chrystle Vesco | $100

"I've know Jon for twenty years, he has always been a passionate person who is committed to doing his job well. I have no doubt he will do everything he can to for the community, teachers, and students."

Angel Torres | $100