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Ess Twomey | £10

Absolutely love what you are doing. Thank you. I will of course support the team whenever God willing I can.

Paul Dixon | £20/M

Nicola Hodgson | £30/M

Both myself and my husband have used this service. It has been invaluable and almost certainly prevented us from being hospitalised. The doctor we spoke with is an incredible person, he has been an absolute godsend. Thank you so much for taking care of us and I hope you can continue with your amazing work.

Nicola Hodgson | £200

Narrell | £10

Thankyou so much for everything you are doing. X

James | £20

You are doing a sterling job. Well done

Anonymous | £10

Keep up the good work. I've never had to use your service (and hope I never need to) but I'm grateful that there are still medics like you out there in the UK, helping to make the cure available, not just pushing an untested and largely ineffectiveness often damaging "vaccine".

Carol | £50

Kevin | £30

Thank you and keep doing what you are doing.


Thank goodness for you! You are all on the right side of history. Forever in your debt.

Sheena | £30

Thank you for doing what the NHS should be doing.

Sheena | £20

Thank you for helping the British public get this drug. I frantically tried to source some after my mum thought she'd got covid last week. She's 89 & I couldn't get it anywhere. Fortunately her test was negative but that initial panic I felt was awful. This treatment must be available to all who need it.

Annette | £50

After 7 months of immense suffering with post covid vaccine damage, I had a consultation with Dr Medhi. He was wonderful and has given me great hope that I can recover from this debilitating pain and I have just today started the treatments he prescribed for me. I cannot thank you All enough for the wonderful work you are doing to help ease people's suffering. I wish I could donate more but intend to in the future. My most grateful thanks.

Caroline | £15/M

With immense gratitude for helping me through Covid - may your amazing work reach all who need it.

Sheryl | £50

ROGER | £50

PLEASE keep up the campaign to have Ivermectin approved for use in the UK. Your work is wonderful, inspiring and of untold value. The BIRD Group should be awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Millions need and support your work, so PLEASE don't give up.

Pete | £20

Chris | £10

My dad died of Covid in December 2020 and might still be alive if treatments such as Ivermectin were not suppressed by profiteering corps who wanted to peddle their own drugs at an extortionate rate

Yvonne | £25

It is a travesty that ivermectin has not been approved and celebrated as a successful treatment for covid. Thank you and good luck with this cause and all your continued campaigning.



Thank you for your dedication to help those in need.

Justeene | £10

Thanks for the great work

Christine Macfarlane | £10

Thank you for your efforts

Helen Lennox | £20

Happy to support this life saving work

Elizabeth Goosey | £10

Thank you for being a source of hope and integrity in these crazy times.

Laurence | £50


My partner became very unwell with Covid symptoms and we contacted EbMCsquared for a consultation with one of their awake GPs. We saw Susannah Robinson who was absolutely fantastic. She was highly skilled and worked diligently, supporting us right the way through at a time which felt scary. Without this help I am sure that my partner would have ended up being admitted to hospital. Instead, with the right treatment he is now back on his feet and very well. I would highly recommend this service.


maria grazia

Lisa | £10