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Best wishes and support from Australia

Lisa Dwoskin | £1,000

Louise | £10

I'm so impressed and applaud your tenacity to do what is a humane response to the Covid Crisis

Karen | £30

Thank you Dr Lawrie for all your invaluable hard work on the Ivermectin Meta Analysis; and for your efforts to enable us to have access to this wonderful antiviral . May your work continue successfully and a very big thank you too to Dr Paul Marik abd Dr Pierre Kory at the FLCCC.



Thank you so much for taking this project on.


Rachel | £10

Thank you, I'm so aghast at what is happening. I really thought there were no doctors in the UK with integrity

Em Charles | £10

Keep up your amazing work! Thank you for everything you’re doing.

Keith | £10


I truly hope and pray you achieve your objective to help save humanity.

Gill | £50

I have followed the BIRD group from the first conference, which was taken down, before an appeal put it up again. Incredible work from dedicated medics and scientists, standing up for the truth, despite censorship and obfuscation. This is a great initiative to save lives and shorten what the virus does.

Vicky | £20

Wonderful work and a ray of light in these dark days. Thank you for everything you are doing for mankind.

Liz | £20

steve gouldstone | £10

Sue Branford | £20

Thanks so much for the work you are doing. I know Ivermectin works from friends in South America and it saddens me enormously that thousands have died here because they are denied this treatment.

Julia | £5

Thanks so much for your dedication and integrity in the face of such abuse.

Joey | £100

Many thanks to Manjul for support for me and my sister in relation to my Dad who sadly passed in September, with complications possibly in relation to vaccine damage. Thank you all for your amazing efforts in getting ivermectin approved and for setting up this initiative. Joey

Anonymous | £5

Thank for enabling me to honour the memory of these precious people ,who unknowingly gave their lives by partaking in taking a govt backed experimental drug I was privileged ,but hugely saddened to care for these people and their relatives in their final days and hours I am exceedingly angry and frustrated that I felt powerless to prevent any of it My livelihood is also in jeopardy due to my refusal of the vaccine Thank You for allowing me to express my thoughts and feelings May our freedoms and rights take precedence over govt unlawful diktat X

Ross Anderson | £20

Keep up the great work. Access to effective medicines is a fundamental right in any civilized society.


Thank you for the wonderful work you do. A beacon of hope in this corrupt madness.

Jessica Milton | £35

You are brave Heros... thank you we appreciate your efforts ❤ 🙏

N Smith | £100

Rio | £100

Satpal | £10

Let's do this!

Satpal | £10


Ess Twomey | £10

Absolutely love what you are doing. Thank you. I will of course support the team whenever God willing I can.

Paul Dixon | £20/M

Nicola Hodgson | £30/M

Both myself and my husband have used this service. It has been invaluable and almost certainly prevented us from being hospitalised. The doctor we spoke with is an incredible person, he has been an absolute godsend. Thank you so much for taking care of us and I hope you can continue with your amazing work.