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Laurel Cyclery | $1,000

This is inspiring! Thank you for being a light in the darkness. We'll keep moving until every last migrant person is free.


In honor of Fran Weld. Life is about cherishing the past, facing the present, and moving ahead towards new milestones in the future. May she realizes her dreams!

Karen Alschuler

Thanks to IM4HI fur all you do! This contribution is “In honor of Fran Weld who builds places for all people. May she realize her dreams!!” .


In honor of Fran Weld - may you realize your dreams!


Thank you to Kathy for the Qi Gong practice!


Thank you Gala for visiting UUFRC and telling us about the pilgrimage to ICE detention centers and state prisons.

Cathryn Von der Porten

Given in Memory of my parents: Dean and Chris Coons who were so supportive of Deb Lee and IM4HI's work for many years.

Maryam Shapland | $100

In honor of the hard work of the amazing folks of this organization!

Ellen Brotsky | $104.15

Honoring the spirit and work of Miriam as she leaves and the incredible team of Larry, Gala and Hilda!

Alison Spielmann | $52.23

Donation in honor of Kathy Yep

Julie Yumi Hatta

Thank you for organizing vigils and calls to action to support immigrants and incarcerees, past and present. So full of courage, creativity and light we all need to share.

Sophay Duch

In memory of our soul-sister Lupita's mother Maria who sacrificed for a better life for her family, including her daughter who is now a Santa Clara Public Defender. She labored in the Salinas fields and gave her only daughter everything she had and opportunities she never had. Her strength and spirit symbolizes many other immigrants who are pursuing a better life. Señora Maria Rosa Segoviano de Lopez, may you rest in peace.

Bindu Desai | $104.15

Doing wonderful and much needed work! Wish you every success!

Bruce Reyes-Chow | $104.15


Liz Hendrickson | $104.15

In appreciation of Dr. Kathy Yep's classes during the pandemic.

Nancy | $104.15

Welcome home!!

Rose Lynn



Thank you, Kathy Yep, for the Qi Gong practice.

Ann Lew | $104.15

Jericha | $41.85

Thank you for all you're doing!!

June Williams | $104.15

Andrea Chan | $104.15

Sheridan Pauker | $250

Ann Lew | $104.15


Alan Stivers

Chris Blackburn | $104.15

Given in loving memory of Darlene Nicgorski, Sanctuary leader in the 1980's. ¡Darlene Presente! Keep up your great work-IMHI!👏👏