Donor Wall (19)

eliot helman | $26.27

Anonymous | $57.42

Marianne Kabir | $104.15

Rodney Yee | $104.15

Please support this most important ministry and work!

Anonymous | $259.92

Lisa D'Annunzio | $52.23

Pearl | $52.23

Samuel Tia

Maryam Shapland | $100

Thank you for the incredible and important work that you do!

Dale Bracey | $156.07/Y

This is my personal contribution. The South Bay Sanctuary Covenant will send $1,000 additionally after their May 5 fundraiser.

Nancy Goodban | $259.92

In honor of Lourdes Barraza’s birthday and thank you for all that you do!

eleanor kneibler | $208

Lili Shidlovski | $500

Jennie CHUANG | $75

In celebration of Don Schilling's life, someone who embodied faith and social justice. From Doug Chew

jennie chuang | $100

In honor of Don Schilling and the whole Schilling family. I am ever grateful for their generosity and kindness.

Tish Levee

This donation is in loving memory of the Rev. Don Schilling, who spent his life working for social justice in many ways.


i am making this donation to the work of IM4H in the Inland Empire. Hilda Cruz is doing amazing work. I teach at Pomona College and she is working with some of our students at Adelanto Detention Facility. This gift is also in honor of my friend Joan Lohman who turns 75 this week.

Dina Ezzeddine | $259.92

Lisa Napolitan | $26.27/Q