Donor Wall (75)

Lisa Kraus | $250

Irini Rockwell | $108

Cathleen Corr | $108/OT

Michael + Sibylle Fraund | $108

Richard Steinhauer | $108

Barbara Bash

so good to watch myself write those words out again - slows me down every time !

John Peterson | $150

Ethan Neville | $50/OT

Thank you for all your dedication.

Emily Weidman | $108

Thank you for preserving and propagating the teachings of CTR. I am grateful for all that you do.

José Alves | $100/OT

Bob Levitt | $150/OT

Dierk Ladendorff | $50

Christine Conlon | $50/OT

Zhijie Niu | $50/OT

Dong Xiong | $20/OT

Chris Wenger | $108

Shuyun Hu | $50/OT

Mingyu Niu | $50/OT

Zenghui Xiao | $200/OT

josje | $50

Gala and Alfio from Peru | $100

Kalsang | $50

Thank you to the team for keeping the teachings alive through the generosity of making it accessible to all. Making Rinpoche's precious teachings or words not become a "merchandise" is a brilliant way of following his vision. ThugJeChe and Sarva Mangalam! Kalsang, Toronto.

Sarah Canfield | $25

Thank you and Ocean for all you do. Much appreciation!

Anonymous | $25

Gail Flynn | $300/OT

James Green | $200/OT


The Wisdom Seat

On behalf of The Wisdom Seat's Board and Lerwa Council we are happy to contribute, making sure the teachings and vision of VCTR are available to all.

Nancy Roberts

JT Buck

Thanks for all you do!