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Sasha Lovelace | $108/M

Therese Marchitelli | $50

Thank you for your greatness!

Blake Thomson | $50

So that we may continue to be haunted

Terence Kilshaw | $30

Jim and Nancy Stinson | $250

Katherine Idziak | $150

Michael +Sibylle Fraund | $50

Ellen | $150

Please continue to teach and gather our sangha in unity to the vision on the Shambhala teachings and the Buddhadharma.

Lyndon Comstock | $50

Helen Thiry | $150

Friedrich Spengelin | $50

Mary Mendel | $108

For our love of CTR and to benefit others.


Kate Abato | C$108

Matt DiRodio | $108

Rochelle Weithorn | $108

Thank you Ocean for keeping the sangha sane. XO

Melissa Kaufold and Thomas Mitchell | $108

Thank you

Jose Alves | $50

Nancy McBride | $108

Michal & Jon Keeley/Frank | $200

Kathi Wineman | $108

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Dale Walter | $150

Zoom Sadhana unfurls the wisdom of the poetry through being present within the readings. Vajra Khrodhi & Avalokiteshvara of Non-Meditation need this environment to blaze forth the meaning. Everyone is so unique and they benefit others through sharing their experiences. Encourage others who have the transmission to come and see for themselves. Recognize what arises and Self-Liberate Conceptual Mind! Love all of You!! Tsultrim Walter

William Biesty | $150

Damita Brown | $108

Dear Ocean and Chronicles, thank you for being "incomparable protector of beings" in your wholehearted embrace of this work.


Kerry Schwartz

Miriam Tarcov

Your work is a treasure. Thank you for your generosity and dedication­čÖĆ­čĆ╗

Carol | $108

Shashi Martynova