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Caren | HK$100


Mathieu | HK$106.28

Go go Julianne!

Robert Martin

Good luck Jules :)


Good luck & don't forget to enjoy dangling 300m off the ground ;)

Thomas | HK$313.97

You're truly an inspiration! ✨ The world needs more people like you 💪


Jujujujujuju You go girl! Giving you your lucky number!

Jason Prohaska

All ur training in Y2 and Y4 have prepared u for this moment.

Kirsten Rendell | HK$521.65


Rooting for you :) And thank you for being such an inspiration.

Jessie Huang | HK$106.28

Alexandra Hennig | HK$106.28

you go gurl!

Margit Hennig | HK$313.97

You go girl......again!!!!!