Donor Wall (259)

Holli Klooz | $22

Karen Ramboldt | $40

Jose Garibay | $20

For 4 Pahoehoe Pamper Package raffle tickets!

Kathi DeCouto

Thank you so much for the generous loving work you do. Isabella, Yoda and I love & appreciate it. New wheels for Isabella! Thank you

Nicholas Smith | $20

4 tickets for the raffle! We love you guys for what you do

Tanya Klassen | $25

Elizabeth | $25

Love that y’all help all these babies with wheelchairs! Liz

Valarie Schmale | $50


Audrey Ashraf | $100

Alexandra | $250

Thank you so much for giving Oliver the opportunity of having his mobility back. It is absolutely amazing what you do for all the pups in need of a set of wheels. We will be forever grateful xox

Sayda | $75

Thanks for helping my best friend get around the block again

Lori Adjutant | $50

To help sweet Odie get his wheels

Amy von Kelsch | $50

Maxine Collison

From my parents for Monty.

Magda | $50

Maxine Collison

To start Monty’s rehabilitation

Kelsey Linsig

Thank you so much! We’re so grateful for your organization and can’t wait to help Sanford be more mobile ❤️

Debra Thesing | $75

Pug Statue


Lori Adjutant | $100

To help all the wheeling pups in loving memory of a very special pug named Chewythepugzilla ❤

Jose Garibay

For Spring 2020 Relay!

Nathalie DeRasmo | $100

We love our Wheelers and their Humans you are all Amazing 🙌♥️We love you all at HRC love @barongatsby

Sue Deak | $100

Sue & Rick Morgan | $100

Thank you !!

Joanne | $25

Kathy Brennan | $5/M

Dexter_pug_dog and I will be forever thankful for the wheels and continued support. Much love from the UK ❤️

Nicki & Rich Blotzer

Sandie Hubner | $150

We are so grateful for this opportunity to give our Sissy the ability to be mobile and go outside for walks. Thank you so much for this!!

Leo | $25