Donor Wall (259)

Dawn Quintero | $50

Keep up the good work guys!

Amy | $100

Thank you HRC for your very important work! You change lives.

Kathy | $100

Thank you for all you do! Raven says Hi


Rachel Burns | $50

Rob Rosado | $20

You all do an incredible job. Thank you for helping these babies in need ❤🙏❤.

Ana Gomez | $100

On behalf of Jack, a big thank you!!! Hope many more doggies can get your help too!

Dearborn | $52

Thank you for helping all the sweet dogs in need!

Elizabeth | $50

Thanks so much for helping all those sweet doggies!

Rosemary Galpin | $200

This is to help offset the cost of the quad chair you are sending to our sweet Frank. We truly appreciate your organizations help! Rosemary Galpin

tuff austshep | $12

Patricia Rodriguez | $25

From fellow Highroller Roxy, thank you for all you do.

Kristy | $30

From high roller Stella

palepink statice | $20

Thank you for all you do for the pups in need!

Angel | $30

From fellow highroller Meatball

Jamie Richard | $10/M

Thank you for all you do! :)

Kate Woods | $50

Wendy Rodriguez | $35

Pahoehoe Williams | $30

From Pahoehoe!

Rebecca Drake | $25

Keep up the good work, The Bubblebecca Pugs love you guys


We promised to make a donation to a good course instead of a giveaway for reaching a special number of friends on IG. Today Biggy reached 4k friends.

Nicole Brownell | $40

Mask dog shirt and tshirt plus a little extra

Linda Kendall | $12

Steven Reznick MD | $100

Paula Korklan | $25

Stacy Stewart | $12

Nancy | $100

Stacy Stewart | $139

Luis Gonzales | $50

Nathalie DeRasmo | $40

2 masks with a little tip tip