Donor Wall (123)

Mary | $78

We decided to donate a $1 for every Instagram post using #cleodemayo for Cleo, @cleothecarolinapug's birthday. We raised $78.

Jenna | $75

Ashlee Warner

One Wheeling Pug Keyfob sold in the month of April. From StitchNStampShop

Debra Thesing | $260

From Royal Dog Fashions April sale

Robin Gust | $57

Diane | $50

Thank you for all you have done for Sophie and all the other dogs you have helped.

Lindsey | $100

Thank you HRC!!!! My baby Riley is going to have a new outlook for the rest of his life because of you! God bless you all for doing what you do. The kindness and generosity you all provide to those in need warms my heart. I look forward to letting Riley live the rest of his days rollin and mobile again! ❤️

Aimee Fanning | $15

Thank you for all that you do!!

Mike | $30

Justine Cooper | $30

Casey Lane | $25

Punk is living life and excited to go again! Will always remember you for stepping in when times where dark and will always continue to try and help in someway, even if it may be little, back.

Baylee Peraza | $30

Natalie Rahman | $50

Thank you for everything you do, you truly are angels 🙏

Jane Byers | $350

@3pugeteers (Archie, Oscar, Arya) would like to give the gift of mobility to another pug.

Stacy Stewart | $50

From the Love Slugs @bratchick_pug_momom

Jasmine Henderson

Aimee Fanning | $200

I lost Tater on 12/22/2020, although we did not have the need for your services we believe in what you are doing! 💕🐾

Loren Boyce | $1,600

Thanks for all that you do! Love, Pugsofinstagram xoxo

Wendy Harrington | $10

Patricia Arevalo | $10

Nathalie DeRasmo | $35

Love to all our sweet wheeling babies and to our new family members who will be wheeling soon ♥️♥️ Baron, Louie and Aston


Thank you High Roller's Club HRC for giving me a quality of life extension. Rudy the black pug 💓💓💓

Margo Schamel

Christian McClelland | $125

Thank you so much for all that you do. I am looking forward to seeing my Toby Pug in his chair


💞 HRC rocks

Cynthia | $5

Patricia Arevalo | $25

Sinbad and pawmom say thank you so much for all the hard work you do and for helping those in need ❤💙💜

Casey Lane | $25

Thank you for helping my mommy! Mom got a pay checkie and told me to stay true to our bark! We ❤️ HRC

Casey Lane | $120

Emily Barnes | $15

Toshi & Noodles