Donor Wall (125)

Beth | $25

Karen | $25

AnnMarie Weis | $25

Love what you guys are doing

Randi Ruff | $20

Aileen | $25

Livia and Dan Godsell | C$200

Thank you High Rollers for the new wheels and all that you do for those in need. We love them and are so thankful for your help. Your fan forever ~ Peggy Sue

Aileen Soto | $20

For auction item. Love what you all do for all these babies!!!

Phil nastri | $95

Auction items

Kelly Ferry

Abby Perez | $20

Paul Heigert | $70

Kelly Ferry | $10

tuff austshep | $15

Anonymous | $50

Can you guys get a Facebook page? I wanted to do a birthday fundraiser for high rollers on Facebook.

Jean Mcneill | £10/M

Much love from Hendricks Granny, Great cause happy to support x

tuff austshep | $22

Heidi | $15

You are truly amazing!!! Thank you!

Nathalie | $25

Can’t wait till the start of the Wheeling Pug Relay USA 2019 Go Team 🤗♥️ ♥️~Love [email protected]

Phil nastri | $100

auction items

ilovemypugs4ever | $100

LucyLu.Luxe | $25


Thank you so much to HRC and the community. You’re all truly amazing!

Eevee_the_pug and Pika | $40

Melissa Romero boyle | $14

Jose Garibay | $97

Robin Gust | $15

Rosie Male | $25/M

tuff austshep | $15

Tracie Gaska

Thank you HRC admin for all you do!! Cash and I honor the memory and contributions made by HRC alumni Gunther and Greta Levine. Thank you for sharing your sweet babies with the world and making such an impact on the handicapable community, Ms. Abby.

Rachel Burns | $100

Thank you for all you do for dogs in need. We hope this donation can help another pup with mobility issues like Clementine.