Donor Wall (125)

Beth | $25

Karen | $25

Rachel Burns | $200

This donation is made thanks to the donations of Clementine's loving family in her memory this Christmas.

FO | $100

Antonio Morini | $10

For the love of pugs. I have a pug that changed my life in the best way ever.He is my guardian angel. I hope that you will help a lot of them

Marley And Jack | $30

Nathalie | $45

For all our amazing wheeling babies we Love you !!! @barongatsby

Patricia Stone | $25


Thank you so much for all you do! Loki will be so happy!!

Sandra Meyer | $100

Thank you for all your help with getting wheel support for my sweet pug Puck. I know this will bring back life and vitality to him. You are truly angels!❤️

Aileen Soto | $25

Bandana of the month, hope the donation helps a little more

Dara Borgnis | $15

Rebecca Saxton | $10

To the beautiful Lola pug. This gift will help her keep living her best life with her adopted sisters Dolly and Coco <3

Scribble Pug | $15

Piggie the Pug | $25

For Lola 🥰🥰🥰

Lisa Bradley | £50

Hello Cynthia I would like to say a big thank you for providing mini with her walking aid 😊 we can not wait to go on our big adventures Thank you for all your hard work and determination for all of our fur babies 🥰 kind Regards lisa

Patricia Rodriguez | $50

Mikki Harper | $40

Lucie Twells | £8


In honour of Lola Pug, here's a little something to help the people helping you! Merry Christmas :)

Rebecca | $50

I'm so thankful that I have found such wonderful and kind people to help my beautiful Lola run around with the others again! Thank you so much for all that you do for disabled dogs everywhere, such a wonderful cause and one I will continue to support. From the bottom of our hearts we are forever grateful to you ❤ Lola hasnt had it easy, soft pallet reduction, hysterectomy and now shes lost the use of her back legs, it's hard to watch when I know all she wants to do is play. Thank you again with all my heart xxx

Tracy Lee | $75

Thank you so much HRC family - words can not begin to express how much your group means to my family for helping our Sadie Bug "The Pug" ♥️ - Cynthia - what can I say! You are so welcoming and helpful when we are hurting for our sweet babies and reaching out for help. God bless you all 😇🙏

Nathalie DeRasmo | $25

We love you &all the hard work you all do for our babies !! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts [email protected] GivingTuesday

Cheryl Harris | $50

Alison Teale | £50

Thank you for offering to send Pi some wheels. As promised, here is something to start it off.

Second Sale Consignments | $25

From the lovely customers at our store, Second Sale Consignments, who heard about Raymond's transportation and health needs and dropped off cash for his care.

Valarie | $60


Esme Veterinary acupuncturist | £50

Donation towards getting little Chloe up and running on some new wheels. This will make such a huge difference to her life.

Karen Farrell | $100