Donor Wall (18)

Alice | $50

Sending love and strength to you all

Jhulan Waltzer

Please use for Ukraine's crisis


"Thank you for proving that even during humanitarian crises such as war, it is absolutely possible to help and to nourish through peaceful, plantbased means. May peace come soon for all.

gary heminger | $104,15

animal free food is life for all

Mani | $201

Wish no one goes hungry.

Chris Roode | $104,15

God Bless you all! Prayers for Ukraine and to the people on the ground helping.

gary heminger | $104,12

Animal free food is life for all.

Patricia Pray | $50

Sherry Zitter | $10,87/M

Ankir Patel | $50

Mindy Kursban

Michel Jean Baptiste | $100

Kristof | $5,50

Thank you for helping those in need. Kristof Gabriel

David Savage | $100

Akhil | $25

Shirley giani | $75

Sanjeev | $100

Keep up the excellent work guys.

Luke Nysen | $75