Donor Wall (10)

Michael Kosan Alpern | $52.23

We are grateful for your very warm welcome to your Sangha and look forward to further interaction. Gassho & Deep Bows

Anonymous Donor | $800

Johanna | $104.15

Gary Hardin

Thanks to everyone for building this sangha together.

Mark Legan

Mark & Jeanie Clark

We contribute to the Annual Fund of the BZC because we believe strongly in the work that the Sangha and its leadership is doing. Each day we are strengthened and inspired by the Sangha to turn towards our world as it is and to live as potently as we can in it. Doing so has been aided by the Seminars, the Dharma Talks, and the Zazen that comes out of the BZC. We are grateful to be members and will continue to do what we can to help strengthen the Boulder Zen Center. — Mark & Jeanie Clark

Matthew Zepelin | $52.23

So grateful for my connection to BZC

Marilyn Krill

So thankful for Zenki's teaching, this sangha, and this place.

Deborah Detchon

I feel lucky and proud to call BZC my practice home.

Michelle Pegues

I am honored to be a part of this sangha and to have such an incredible teacher as Zenki Roshi. Thank you.🙏🏻