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Jazaka Allahu Kairan for the great work you are doing. This is for me and my whole family and all our dead.

Anonymous | RM104.80

Alhamdulillah. Thanks for the efforts. May Allah SWT rewards you with the goodness abundantly.


Mohammad Abdur Rahman Khalid | ₹2,714.33

Keep up the extremely good work you guys have been doing, God bless you all. May Allah accept small effort from my side.


The best Quran on android and iOS, payed and unpayed.

Muhammad Shoaib | NZ$10.78


May Allah forgive our sins. May he protect our fellow brother and sisters of Palestine. #freepalestine


Allah love us

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Their initiative of creating highly customizable reading experiences of the Qur'an (with rich inventory of translations & recitations) has really helped me spend more time with the Qur'an with ease & comfort. Alhamdullah. Jazakallahu Khayran. May Allah make them the means to spread more good for the people of the world in the name of Allah


Idris Agha

Hands down the BEST Qura'an App. WithOUT the annoying ads! I've learned so much from (word by word meaning and tafseer) sections. jazak'Allah Khairun for your efforts & keep up the good work.


Jazak'Allah Khayr for the amazing work you are doing. I wish I could donate to you more. May Allah forgive me for my shortcomings and increase you in good deeds and reward. (Aameen) My father has passed away this Ramadan on the 17th of April, 2021. I am making this charity from me, and if acceptable, on his behalf for the sake of Allah SWT. May Allah accept this as a good deed, increase us in good deeds. (Aameen)


Jazakallaku Khairan. I use the Al Quran app frequently, it's great alhamdulillah.

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جَزاكَ اللهُ خَـيْراً May Allah reward you with good.

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Great app, helps me memorize the quran and learn arabic. Jazakhallah khair.


Assaalamu Alaykum. May Allah reward all your efforts and accept them from you. I love all your apps, especially the Qur'an app-if you could add a feature that would enable us to make Playlists with different Reciters and different surahs that would be amazing. Jazakallahu khairan


Jazak Allahu khiran, wonderful App.


Great Quran app, all my family and friends benefit. May Allah reward you abundantly and grant you Jannatul Firdaus... Jazāk Allāhu Khayran

Zaid Muhammad

Grateful for the Al Quran (Tafsir and by Word) app. Very useful in understanding the language of the book and for patterns/tafsir.


Best wishes may Allah bless you with all the success.

Anonymous | £10

JazakAllah for app


Excellent app. Highly recommended to all Ahlesunnah Muslim community


Muhammad Azmal Hussain | 11 د.إ

Anonymous | £186.55


Muhammad Hariz Abdul Aziz

Amazing app. Amazing job. Keep up the good work

Gulamabbas | £10

May Allah SWT accept our collective humble efforts. Aameen.

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