Donor Wall (32)

Anne | $36.47

For a great cause and for Caroline's birthday gift!

Linda Brandt | $62.29

Greg | $26.14

margaret patti | $20.97

Cecily | $41.63

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!

VANESSA | $36.47

Let’s hope we can end dog racing once and for all, these greyhounds deserve better.Keep strong my friends.Thankyou!

Glenda Reed | $36.47

Steve Clough | $26.14

Lyn Estes | $26.14

Debra Goldstein-Lustig | $5.48

Time to end greyhound racing once and for all. These dogs deserve happiness in the form of a loving family with tons of treats, hugs and kisses.

Barbara Strohm | $77.79

Diane Eder | $51.96

Michael Salo | $20.97

Shirley Lavin | $51.96

In honor of my Chet whose life at the Birmingham racetrack (good riddance) still haunts him.

Leslie Parker | $20.97

Janice Giampaoli | $15.81

Let's make this victory worldwide!!!!

Brian Hummel | $36.47

Deborah | $51.96

Kate MacFall | $51.96

Thank you for the incredible work you do for the dogs!


One of the many beautiful creatures that brighten my day! Love them and take good care of them! Thank you!

Karen Swistak | $26.14

In honor of Brooklyn, a brave warrior and ambassador for greyhounds worldwide.

Antonia | 5,45 €

For Brooklyn,and all lovely little pets who live with us and give us so much love.

Marcia | $26.14


Michele Stone | $51.96


My life changed 14 years ago with my angel heart girl Yentl, and I never looked back!! Thank you for all you do!

ROSE MARIE | $51.96


I have a beautiful Greyhound who is now close to 13 years old. How can I adopt another one when it comes time? We've had her 5 years this month and most awesome animal I've ever had. We have two very small pups also and our Grey is so sweet and nurturing to them. I really want to give more and help more. I've committed myself to trying to win the lottery and then I will help many organizations, but especially Greyhounds. I pray constantly and have faith I will win someday and be able to give so much more to help your cause.

Bradford | $22

Your great work rescued Ella (MB21) from Macau. She is now a happy part of my family! Ella thanks you, too!!

Jean-Claude | $20.97