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Ahmad | Rp107.796,75

Awesome.. Jazakumullah khairan..

Hatim | $135.92

The best Quran app. May Allah reward you with Jannah.

Anonymous | 10,63 €

May Allah bless their work. I love this Qur'an app.


Keep making more useful apps. Jazakallahu khairan.

Hari | £31.29



Beautiful apps..

Suhail Ahmed | ₹300/M

Good Work

Mostafa | $10.66

Anonymous | $10

ASA. Thanks for this "take-almost-anywhere" tool and resource. As English-only person it is helping me learn Arabic, Qur'an and Hadith, especially with the audio recitations and Tajweed. -J.Muhammad (USA)

Fazle Abbas

May Allah bless you and give you strength in this noble cause.

Shamsul Arefin | £10.60

Mushfiqur Rahman | $5.49

Alhamdulillah, this is the best Quran app I could find. Thanks to the developers and hopefully they will continue to serve Islaam. Allahu Akbaar.


Masahallah, this app is awesome :). Allah will return all of your efforts soon!


Assalamo Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuh, May Allah accept and Bless you two brothers, your team and whomsoever has sincerely for the sake of Allah helped you along the way, O Allah grant them with the best of both worlds. Ameen It was one of my dreams to also be involved in Sadaqah Jarriyah programs as such where one can help develop and leave behind beneficial knowledge. Al Hamdulillah it's great to know that we now have an opportunity to atleast financially support it, and partake alongside you and your team in this noble cause. Jazakallah Khair


Assalamu Alaikum Wa rahmatullah. May Allaah SWT except our good deed and bless us with his all baraqah. Brothers Please make an app for Macbook please.

Anonymous | £10.60


Alhumdulliah. This is by far the best Quran app I have ever used. This Ramadan all my Quran reading was only from this app. Very helpful to read Quran where ever you are. Keep up the great work. Few requests ... 1. There looks to be some typo at some places in Mohsin Khan translation. I did not mark them though. Please check it. 2. Just like you have a nice symbol for denoting Sadjadha ayath, please also add symbol for Ruku's. It will be very useful to stop at one theme and will be easier to understand. 3. Earlier bookmarks used to have the time the bookmark was made. Now that is gone. It only shows page number. Can this be changed or a setting added to show either of the two. 4. Quran Planner is great idea. It is working and helped me this Ramadan. Please see if it can have more enhancement added to it. Like showing if we are falling behind on track or if we are doing better than expected with the plan etc. 5. Please see if you can make ads free adhan app

Shoily | $31.37

Kazi Faruque | £103.77

Pls inform when u receive

Gul | £103.77

Keep up the great work guys, may Allah reward you for your efforts

Zahir Dastgir | £31.30

May Allah swt reward you immensely for your work in'sha'allah for it serves a great purpose amongst the ummah.

Junaid Habib

JazakAllah. May Allah reward you for the effort.

Siyana | £52

Thank you for making such an easy to use Quran recitation app. May God continue to bless your intention and accept my small contribution towards it.

Rusydi Farhan | $10.66

May Allah reward the efforts put for this amazing app.

Mustaq | £20.94

Salaams thank you for a great version

Zulkifli Osman

Abd murad | £10.59

Subhanallah your apps maybe the best quranic apps in the world.


May Allah reward you for your efforts.

AbdulMajid Chougule

Anonymous | £5.40

Jazakallah for this amazing app. May Allah swt guide all of us to the straigt path and grant us Jannah.