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Anonymous | C$38.74

You guys make amazing Apps! May Allah reward you immensely. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous | £10.60

Jazzak Allahu Khair for your service

Sjakur I | $5

Saleem Abu Ayoub | £31.30/M

Jazaakumullah Khair. This is the best islamic app I ever come cross. And to make it free with no add shows your sincerity. May Allah accept it from you. Keep it going even if you don't get your target of funds, Allah will provide for you from where you never expect. I wish I can be more helpful than just small donation and be part of this amazing Sadaqa djariya.


The best app ever!! May Allah reward you all abundantly for this beautiful app. I suggest u add optional comments from Sahih Al Bukhari when possible.

Md Nazmul | $21.01


Salaam WRWB, I appreciate the tremendous work you guys have done to put a high quality app on the market. I use the app everyday and Alhumdulillah it's helped me make huge progress with learning the Qur'an with tajweed. I pray that Allah SWA rewards you abundantly and showers his mercy and blessings on you all. Jzk


May God bless your souls to all of you. This is by far the most complete Quran app I've tried. It clean, nice, full, and on top of that free. It helps me tremendously. May Allah reward all of you beyond your efforts and protect you and your families. Thanks lots! Peace be upon all of the users too.

Aweis Khan | £112

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Ahsan | £20.95

Assalamualaykum.I am donating on behalf of a brother in Bangladesh who was unable to pay from Bangladesh. Jazzak Allah Khair.


Jajaka Allahu khair for this marvellous app.

Anonymous | $10.66

Probably the best Quran App I have ever used. May Allah bless the creators.

Murat | 10,64 €

I am using the Al-Qur'an App for Android and it's my favorite one. I already exchanged bug reports and ideas with you. The development of the app seems to have stopped or is going very slow. Please keep working on this app. It has the potential of being the best one in the play store. Jazakallahu khairan and Ramadan Mubarak. Murat from Germany


One of the best and most useful Qur'an app I've ever used. Ands it's free, subhanallah May Allāh give you guys the means to produce more quality apps like this for our benefit.

Tanzim | $13.77

The best quran app i have ever experienced


Fantastic app all, really great and intuitive

Hakeem Akinbola


‏جزاك الله خيرا Please make your Hadith app on iOS And it would be wonderful if you could also get tafsir for the Hadith aswell ‏إن شاء الله


Thanks for developing this app. The best app I downloaded. May Allah reward your effort.

Anonymous | £10.60

Humayun Kabir

Indeed, it is the best software that I have ever came across on Holy Quran. We are very grateful for your this noble effort. May Allah give you the best reward for this in the Jannah.

Imran | $31.37

Love this app especially the tajweed part, wondering if you could provide and integrate the tajweed rules as well as a whole separately for the sake of reference, if already not there. Keep it up!!


جزاك الله خيرا

Habibur Rahaman Akash

MashaAllah, this is a nice Quran app. Providing a quality service in all sides. I'm sharing and refer this app to all of my friends and family. Jazakallahu khairan! 😊

Rustam Effendi | Rp936.093,94

This is the best AlQuran app. It would be perfect if you could also provide general meaning for "word by word" besides AlQuran-related tramslation. جزاك الله خيرا.

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Anonymous | £15.77

Muharrem Onur | $10

Definitely so beneficial app up to now I have seen, may Allah reward you with jannah