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Siddique Motiwala

Great efforts. Jazakallah khair.

Zia Shams | 10,61 €


Giftaid it

Nadine | C$31.45

Amazing apps. Jazakom Allah Khair for your efforts.

Asana Mohammed

May Allah SWT bless you for this great service. Ameen Yaa Rabb.

Zia | £20.92

MashAllah, Nice project! appreciate your contribution!

Saud Bin Saeed | $4

Jazakallah khair

Mohammed Ahmed | $30

Mohammed Rahman | £10

Geat Apps!!May Allah swt rewarded you for such a great effort and makes easier to understand the Quran. Please keep continue your good work. JazkAllahu khiran.

Anonymous | £52.02

Athan app has been such a help. May Allah accept your efforts and give better returns.


May Allah accept from me and all of the Muslims. Aameen.

Anonymous | £10.61/M


Thank you so much for these great initiatives. May ALLAH SWT bless us all.



Adam | $31.37


May Allah reward you abundantly for your efforts! Jazakum llahu khairan

Amer Siddique | £30

This app is amazing with great features

Arlinah ARSAD

Anonymous | £10.61


Nadine | £31.31

Jazakom Allah khair for all your hard work. The word-by-word translation is really amazing and helps me understand the Quran.


Great work! May you achieve best of all.

Anonymous | $10.66

Jazakallahu khairan



Your app has been a huge help while compiling my extensive du'aa notebook- May Allah put barakah in your work.



You're helping people like me connect with my Lord everyday. Mashallah may all of you who have worked on these apps reap the benefits of this world and the Hereafter. Ameen. Please keep up the great work!

Wajeeh Sami | $4.19

May Allah bless your team for all the effort to make Quran accessible and easy for us even on Mobile. It's the best app ever. Keep it up!

Anonymous | A$21.18

You guys are doing great work. May Allah reward you for it. Hopefully we can contribute more