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Abdul Rahim | £26.11

I like so much your Al-Quran app which is complete with Arabic words explanation & tafsir.

Anonymous | RM32.37

IQMukmin | RM14.76

Salam Zulhijjah, Arafah Time & Salam Eid Adha... Jazakallahu khair :)

Hari | £26.11

Mosleh Uddin | $103.83

Mazlin Tomadi | £31.28

Alhamdulillah. Best Quran app. May Allah reward you abundantly.


Alhamdulillah - Good initiative by Greentech Apps Foundation, keep developing Islamic Apps and inshallah Allah will bless you in this world and also in hereafter, Jazakallah.

Mohammad kaleem Ul Haque | ₹540.64

I have iPhone and I want Unicode text where in there is zoom feature available.

Anonymous | £10.58

From India | ₹333.32

All the donors or non-donors reading this wall, may أَللّٰه عَزَّ وَ جَلَّ reward you in this duniya but far more in the eternal afterlife. Same goes for the brothers and sisters involved in the faculty of Green Tech Foundation. Please try to donate as much as possible just like the Sahabas. Care less about this world and more about the afterlife whilst maintaining balance. - our creator is absolute one and he is Allah.

Ariff Seman | £10.57

Anonymous | £103.74

Well done for this excellent app

Anonymous | 100 د.إ


Thank you

Ariff Basri | £103.74

To all greentech crew, tq very much to all of you for the hard work. Your apps has been very beneficial to me. I m planning to donate more, but may I understand how do you use the money.? I just want to understand, thats all ( I m crying in regret for taking too long to donate..may Allah forgive me) Best regards Ariff


Very nice app with lot of options and easy to follow. Thank you for offering this to us. JazakAllahu Khayran. Anwar C. (Richmond, Texas, USA)

Abu Khadijah | ¥5,210

The Quran and hadith apps are the most complete I've come across so far. May Allah reward you in dunya and akhira for your efforts. I hope you never compromise your Deen.

Md. Mizanur | $2.75

Jazāk Allāhu Khayran.


Best Qur'an app by far. May Allah reward you all abundantly.

Arief | Rp56.307,16

Siddique Motiwala

Great efforts. Jazakallah khair.

Zia Shams | 10,61 €


Giftaid it

Nadine | C$31.45

Amazing apps. Jazakom Allah Khair for your efforts.

Asana Mohammed

May Allah SWT bless you for this great service. Ameen Yaa Rabb.

Zia | £20.92

MashAllah, Nice project! appreciate your contribution!

Saud Bin Saeed | $4

Jazakallah khair

Mohammed Ahmed | $30

Mohammed Rahman | £10

Geat Apps!!May Allah swt rewarded you for such a great effort and makes easier to understand the Quran. Please keep continue your good work. JazkAllahu khiran.

Anonymous | £52.02

Athan app has been such a help. May Allah accept your efforts and give better returns.