Donor Wall (224)

Melissa | $50

Thank you so much to Robert Pattinson for shedding light on the incredible work that this organization does! It was your speech that compelled me to donate!

Scott Silverman | $200

Thanks Hal Lampert and Go Campaign

DAvid Hertz | $500/M

Andreanne Lavoie

Alex White | $10

Alex White | $10

Alex White | $10

Laird & Kathy Landmann | $10,005

put the extra $5 in

Samantha | $5

So happy to donate what i can! shoutout to robnation!

Nancy Encino | $104.15

Thank you Rob for shedding light to this great organization!!! I love you! Xx

Michelle Brosius | $5/W

Alex White | $10

Cristina Zuccaro | $20

Robert Pattison: Rob, just like your hair, you are legendary! We love you from Canada! I would love to meet you! Twilight Rocks! #TeamEdward Love Gabriella

Sharon van Dalfzen | $15.89

Love you guys so much! Keep up the good work ❤️ Please tell Ewan he’s my biggest inspiration and that I love him very much ❤️

James Hulck | $3

Great tambourine boots Ewan

Katie | $25

Thanks! Support Canadian heroes too plz. Also hi Robert thanks for helping kids :) and Matt <3s Lily Collins.


Thank you for your tremendous work! This is phenomenal work. Thank you Lily Collins for shedding light on this vision and opportunity to give!

Rachel Wroe | $26.27

I found the GO campaign a few years ago thanks to Rob. Thank you to GO for all your wonderful work!


Show Rob again please :)


As a supporter of Go Campaign and Rob Pattinson I am happy to donate

Paula Erbisch | $10

Love Rob, Lily, and Ewan helping kids

Maria Florez | $5

Came here for Rob stayed and donated for the cause!

Michelle | $52.23

Madeline | $26.27

May this simple donation help you reach your goal 🙏 ❤

Alex White | $50

I’ve been supporting Go Gala and Robert Pattinson for a couple years now and I appreciate everything you do!


Love to everyone taking part in this! Thank you Rob, Ewan, Lily, Evangeline...🖤

Laura | $20

Dawn & David Kelmenson | $1,038.73

Thank you GoCampaign & Scott Fifer for all you do!!! We love you, The Kelmenson’s

Anonymous | $15.89

Sanna Izmirlian | $5