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patricia zielinski | $21.08

Amaya Valenzuela | $3


Covid-19 has been tough for me, but there are so many who are in more vulnerable situations, especially children. We can all do something. Thank you GO for your continued work!

Minerva Zamora

Sending love your way ❤️✨


I don’t have to much to offer but I make this small donation in hopes it helps but also a promise as I become more successful I’ll be able to contribute More than money.

Parul | $25

Mariana Velasco | $5

Clarissa Ruiz

Morgan Fayette

najabat | $50


Diane | $52.23

Any charity that has earned Robert Pattinson's support has certainly earned mine.

Diane | $52.23

If a charity has earned Robert Pattinson's support, then it certainly has mine.


Leah Rothman

Rhonda | $50

Thanks for all the work you do for communities all over the world!

Elizabeth | $10

Anonymous | $3.43


Gabriella | $10.70



Hey! BLM

Eilis Lynch | $5

So great that these amazing people are coming together for such a worthy cause ps if you see this Robert I love you

Maritza Palacios | $3.43

Paula | $50

Appreciate Robert Pattinson’s support of this great organization

Jaimalee | $104.15

Thank you all of GO for the work you do! Thank you Robert, Lily, and Ewan for hosting this important event. Together we can change lives!

Diana Dussan | $50

Thank you Go Campaign and Rob Pattinson for your help with children and communities around the world.



Thank you for sharing this virtual event! It gives the general public more of a sense of helping out.