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Jean | $50

In Honor of Paul Johnson's Birthday and love of HAIM.

Isobel Hird


Lindsey Nguyen

This is a wonderful cause. Every cent counts, lets get to a million!


Thank you all for your hard work and kind hearts.

Angelina Anker | $52.23

Wish I could donate more 💙 such a beautiful campaign 💙 thank you


Gabriela Vasquez


Anelisa | $10.70

It’s not much, but I’m happy to support such an important cause with amazing people involved

Elizabeth | $10

Great cause! Hope this helps a little!


It’s not much but I hope it makes an impact in the long run. Much love, Trinity Garza


Taylor Thompson | $25

I hope this helps!! 💕🙏

Amira Hodzic | $100


Melanie | $50

Michele | $10/M

Children are my absolute favorite beings in the world. I hope this can help <3

Linda, Tony, Lucy, Sophie Manganello

Thanks for all the great work!

Allison Wright | $4,154

Chris Haynes | $21.08

Congrats Robert Pattinson and all involved -- so thankful! I wish I could do more, but I work in the hospitality business and was really hurt this year by COVID. Best, Chris Haynes

Sarah Jessup | $2,596.37

In support of all of the fantastic work that GO Campaign does around the world, and the super fantastic staff working tirelessly for our local heroes and our kids. Tiffany, Michelle, Lauren, Amy, Kristen, Dani, Gina and Scott - you guys rock.


All goodness

DAvid Hertz

mindy owens | $500

Gina- we are glad we are able to contribute to this important cause. Best of luck with the Gala! Love, Mindy & Mark

Cat Kelly | $1,038.73

I initially started following Go Campaign and what they do because of Rob Pattinson. I thought for him to repeatedly support this charity and go to their gala back to back for, what, 5 years maybe must mean something. Most celebrities bounce around between charities, never sticking with one so loyalty so I figured they must be truly genuine and worth it. In 2018 I was finally able to save up (mostly from my tax return) and go myself. I couldn’t have been more surprised and prouder of myself for doing what I could to support Go and what they do, independent of Rob (though he does have great taste in charities). Sometimes people have the tendency to stereotype events like these, thinking that while it’s good that money is being raised for worthwhile causes the people doing so must be kinda snobby. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone was so nice and genuine and the total opposite of intimidating. They really believe in what they’re doing, they’re not just flashy gala’s and empty words. And they don’t just give money to people to help them, which isn’t a bad thing, but they give money to programs that teach people how to help themselves! Everyone at Go Campaign, I’m so happy I have the wherewithal to give what I can, there are people that need it way more then I do. I came for Rob but stayed for Go Campaign. As should everyone else. Keep it up! And hopefully, by late 2021, COVID will be a bad memory!

Maria Bos | $52.23

Wish I could contribute more but happy to help such a worthy global charity

Gail Kennedy

Glad to help. 💖💫

Katrina Goettker | $20