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Jola | $52.23

Tuyet Yurczyszyn

It's a wonderful thing you are doing. Blessed all of you ❤️!!

GIanfranco | 15 €

Glad to be a part of this ..


Cabell Eames | $50

Nikoleta Morales | $10

Thank you!

Lovina Meraki | $1,038.73/Y

Adrianna Lombardi

Kelly Fleming

Phyllis | $104.15

Armen Zurnachyan


Sara Almeida

Thank you for your amanzing job!


Thank you for helping vulnerable children all around the world!

Saniya Sarkar

Thank you for all the amazing work you do!!


Misao | $10.70

Kyleen Junier | $26.27

Julia Gouw | $500

Amy | $104.15

Shannon OConnor | $311.84

Please use this wherever it is most needed!

Wanda Bryant | $52.23

Carline | $52.23


It’s my honor & privilege to be able to help support this incredible initiative that makes a REAL IMPACT in the lives of those who need it the most!

Anonymous | $50

God Bless You! More Power!


Sara | $50

When it can feel like the world is filled with merde, it's wonderful to know about organizations like these. Thank you!

April Yax

P Cookie Perez | $259.92

Glad to give back I intend to keep increasing my donations in the coming years.


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