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Liz Savolidis | $20

From Liz savolidis ( thank you)

Diane | $100

I had no idea when I agreed to help as a grandparent volunteer today of this organization and what you do. I came home and read about the group of friends and their inspiration as a result of their friend’s death and want to give a small bit of support. You’re special and thank you for what you do.

Bhavya | $2,000

Monograms Plus Cullman | $1,800

S Gopal Sirivolu | $250

Joseph Catalano | $50

Vishaal Gupta | $2,000

Matt Issman | $20

Ela Stevkovska | $20

Will Zabin | $100


Mary Ernst | $100

Andrew Grossman | $50

Keep up the good work!


Jennifer Irwin

Dan Cross | $200

Supporting the mission of Evan and “Who We Play For” . Dan Cross - Founder of Athlete Connections Foundation

Margie Daly | $50

Carole Ruzich | $25

Kailey Herkert

My sweet friend Brian Peck tragically passed three years ago and my life still feels empty without him. Thankful for all the great work your organization is doing!

Paul Thompson | $100

Thank you for providing such a great service!!


WWPF has an important mission and is doing a great job to achieve the goal. I am proud to support you!

Maryjane | $500

In honor of Chrissy and Ian MacTaggart for all the work they do for WWPF

Jesus and Heather Rodriguez | $500

So happy to support WWPF in saving lives. You all are so amazing❤️ -Rodriguez Family

Kelly Rimkus | $50

Laura Been | $50


Mary | $20

Tony Childers | $1,000

Verkada | $5,000

Angela H | $40

Thank you for protecting our children.

Deena Maderis-Medina | $100

Such an amazing organization! We had no idea that you existed. I feel it is so important for all young athletes to be screened! A simple screening that could save several lives. Thank you for working with us for our son, Jake Medina. Evan jumped in to action and worked diligently to have our sons' ECG read and set us up with a pediatric electrophysiologist. We are so thankful and appreciative. Mark, Deena and Jake Medina