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JMU GIVE | $526

JMU GIVE donation!:)


Mitchell Kaurich

Tom Kissner

My daughter went on a previous GIVE trip to Thailand and had a very enriching experience. Thank you for your continued support of these countries and communities.

Anchor Gives Back | $517.91

On behalf of Carly Mackney!


Drake Legal Group

Kylee Flores

Katie Kissner

Juliette Reyna | $21.01

Aleah Clements | $85

Donations made through my mom (Kay Clements), grandmother (Eva Garner), and great aunt (Betty Madden).

Allie Chessick

Bulk Home Solutions Corp | $52.07

Megan Reiser

In memory of my grandfather, I’m donating to my favorite volunteer organization! 🌳💚


Jenna Losensky | $52.07

Meaghan Brady | $124.53

Alexandra Faber

I am so grateful for my experience with give volunteers! I wish I could donate more

Page Malloy

Kyle Monsalud | $52.07


Love this organization more than anything.

Kevin | $517.91

Thanks for your essential work. Give is needed more now than ever.

Missy and Mark Isakowitz | $259.11

Thank you for the amazing experiences, lifelong friendships and growth our Hannah has found with GIVE.


Give us such an invaluable organization! 💚


Thank you Give for everything my time in Tanzania was life changing. Thank you to John and all the Give team as well as those in the village who taught me so much.


Great organization , happy to support

Jonah Anthony | $52.07


Stay strong! Please continue spreading love and good vibes to the world 🌻So much love for GIVE!

Kelley Franklin | $52.07

Keep doing what you’re doing. Going to Thailand was one of the greatest experiences of my life so far, I hope this helps!

Shanava Saintolien

Much love💚 hope everyone is staying safe!!

Barbara Ferraro | $300