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Jane Hammond | A$518.59

Thank you to Sam and Rex for your incredible work in highlighting the plight of the black cockatoo at the picnic fundraising event for the documentary Black Cockatoo Crisis in Piesse Brook on Sunday July 3. You were an absolute hit. Many thanks, J

Sally Bruce Celebrant

To honour all the couples I've married in the last month

Link | A$5.69/M


As per messenger chat, thanks to Sam and Rex for their presence at Piesse Brook event today - very informative.

Jess | A$104.12



Thanks for all the amazing work you do for the cockies!

Sally Bruce Celebrant

In honour of all the beautiful couples I've married this year, I'm donating to these beautiful birds who also mate for life.

MBS Environmental | A$1,000

Sharon | A$52.32

Sue | A$1,036.67

Penelope Itzstein | A$52.32

Andrew Lynch | A$250

Dempers & Seymour Pty Ltd | A$3,000

David | A$114

Keep up the wonderful work there Team and roll on 22/23 :)

Kay | A$259.55

Michael | A$124.85

My | A$104.12

Thank you for all the work you do to help these beautiful birds!

Martin | A$207.74

Peter Galvin | A$250

Matthew | A$52.32

Caroline | A$26.41

On behalf of Bess for her birthday!

Charlotte Brinsley | A$155.93

Your dedication to these beautiful animals is beautiful. You are doing wonderful work

BCA BEC | A$155.93

Sally Edmonds Art | A$259.55

Alan | A$52.32/M

Conscious Chiropractic | A$195


Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022. We love what you do and hope this helps.

Sally | A$26.41

To help with summer record heat wave and wildfire rescue and rehabilitation

Paul | A$100

Merry Christmas