Donor Wall (28)


Sally Edmonds Art | A$1,250

In memory of beautiful Alex. 🖤💛


We reallly enjoyed our visit today, with Birdlife Australia, to see the great work being done at your centre.

Sally Butler | A$52.37

Merry Christmas! To Mum, love from Sal xxx

Jake | A$260.05

Jake and Kermit!

Lucy | A$52.37

Desert Shadow

Lyneve | A$52.35

Jen Costello | A$311.95

Keep up your fanastic work for these precious birds--thank you Jen

Safety Bay Pharmacy | A$147.36

N Cavanagh | A$26.40

We love cockatoos, Niamh & Friends

Westgrow Farm Trees | A$208.12

We own a native tree seedling nursery in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia and this year we have dedicated a portion of our tree sale proceeds to go towards conservation and rehabilitation of our native animals. Here's a little to help along the way. We thank all of you for your continued dedication and great work.

Damian | A$10.82/M


Alex Andersen | A$26.41

Justin Kantor | A$15

Thank you for the detailed, loving, and effective work you do on behalf of these precious and brilliant cockatoos.

Walid Zabeery

God bless you and your loved ones; keep up the great job. A friend from Saudi Arabia

Robert Surman | A$841.57

Our son Eddie, passed away in Australia last year at the age of 36. His funeral service took place back home in the UK, Oxfordshire, and donations were collected. We would like to pass a portion of those donations to your charity. Our son Eddie loved Australia and wildlife was his passion, it seems fitting that donations raised help look after the wildlife in the place he loved.


Lynn | A$1,000

I really admire the great work you do for the black cockies!

Kylie | A$500

Anonymous | A$12.92

Rowan | A$1,038.88

Sally Butler | A$26.42

Michael Milosh | A$208.14

Walter Crawford | A$104.30

I had a female Goffin for 20+ years but gave her up 15 years ago. She was a lot more fun than my African Grey is today.

Jacob | A$52.37

Vanessa Knight | A$26.44