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Hachi Tattoo

MURRAY | A$208.10

My mother loved these iconic birds. Please continue look after every precious one of them.

Anonymous | A$104.26

Beautiful birds!!

Rodney | A$260.02

One day we will visit! Rod, Susannah, Megan and Emma


Andrew | A$2,000

Couldn't buy a mug in the Blue Mountains to Donate (they'd ran out) so I did it this way

Lynn | A$2,000

Keep up the great work!


Clint | A$104.25

Rebecca | A$208.10

Thank you for all you do

MBS Environmental | A$1,500

Kay Vernon | A$208.10

Vanessa | A$500

Peter Day | A$200

Barbara | A$104.26

Kyle Roberts | A$260.02

Please keep up the great work! Always love seeing these birds around and hearing their calls!


Jess | A$208.09

Jane Millar | A$100

thank you for doing this important work!

Dimitris | A$208.09

Great job Natalie! Thank you so much. Dimitris and Christine

Bede | A$5.60/M

This is from Bede Whitehouse who is 6 years old and loves red-tailed blacks.

Alex Karnasopoulos | A$52.33

Michelle Purcher | A$104.25

Was great to visit yesterday and see the work you do.

Laura | A$415.77

Thank you for your work! We feel joy every time we see or hear a Redtail or Carnaby cockatoo. Here is to supporting you and them so that they fly on and their calls fill the air for all the years to come.

Annamaria | A$104.25/M


Thank you for all that you do 🖤💛❤️

Paul | A$60

Georgia | A$15.98

Aarya Sheth | A$21.17

My 9 year old son donating from his pocket money to save this beautiful little creatures.

Allison Bell Art | A$24

Part proceed from sale of artwork by Allison Bell Art. Thank you to Benjamin Calleja.