Donor Wall (120)

Lawrence Lupus | $77.79

For AJ, by Larry and Conni Lupus

Jimmy Moore

Ansumana | $20.97

Diane | $103.62

Craig Baumann | $3,000

Stefania Mostaccioli | $125

from Italian NF2 & Schwannomatosis Association

Stefania Mostaccioli | $1,000

from the Italian NF2&Schwannomatosis Association

Mary Lacy | $300

For A.J. Henwood from your URA 10U baseball friends. We’re all fighting with you!


Susan Joan Mauriello-Orlando

Lawrence Williams | $206.92


Kurt Sommer | $125

Rina Kapoor | $51.96

To help A.J. Henwood from our community . Please find a cure . God bless.

Luisa Abreu Santos | $51.96

Jean George | $516.84

Dear Nicole, I hope this helps a little bit for research in NF2. Love, Aunt Jeanette

ZEITZ | $103.62

Eric Walter | $125

So inspired by how this is coming together! Can't wait to see where it goes!

The D'Iorios | $103.62

Heroic endeavor by this NF2 team to make change happen.

GivingTuesday Fundraiser for NF2 Brain Tumour Gene Therapy Cure | 51,92 €

Molly Doi | $51.96

In honor of Liv Atlan

Margaret Reynolds | $1,405

Margaret’s Facebook Fundriaser

Jill Velez | $1,040

Jill's facebook birthday fundraiser.

Anonymous | $77.79

In loving memory of Susan Glassman, your family loved you deeply.

Margaret Reynolds

My husband Henry Hipp and I are proud to support NF2 BioSolutions with a recurring monthly donation.


Thanks for support the research on NF2. Please keep doing it!

Joseph Cleland | $516.84

Penny Henwood | $258.57

Nicole Henwood

I’m honored to represent and support NF2 BioSolutions

Dierdre Konar

Happy to be a donor. Thanks for the hard work of this NF2 community.

Ursula Serle-DiGiovanni | $15.81