Donor Wall (107)

Peter Glaser

In memory of Laura Buono

Kathy Hartwig | $103.83

Donated in loving memory of Laura Buono and the continued fight against NF2 for her grandchildren Frank and Sarah and in memory of her son Vincent.

Tawyana Fleming | $21.01

We will find a cure....

Ellise | $36.54

On behalf of sweet Chloe

Deian Owen | $500


Lisa | £517.85

For NF2 research

Mimi Cho-Rohlfsen | $1,035.51

Lorena | CHF103.83

it‘s not allot, but I hope, that this desease can soon be stopped. Thank you guys for the voluntary work.


Ensemble nous sommes plus fort


In memory of Jerry Howard. Uncle of Eric Fischer and his son who both have NF2

Lori Halle | $103.83

Tom & Marilyn Piggott | $52.07

Fran | $103.83

Keep pushing

Julie "BB" Larson | $5.49

For Leah Manth and all of us NF2 Warriors!

Steve R

Cathy | A$20

Randy Learish | $258.57

I hear the whistle blowing, and I'm on the NF2 Biosolutions train.

Sylvia Siu | $129.44


To finding a you Shells!!!

Luke Owens | $75

For Seamus and all the others.

Corey Weiner

In honor of Lauren Hanrahan

HB Enoch & Owen | $2,500

Great work all x

Geronimo | $50

Ashley Jones | $516.84


A small contribution to support the cause.

Nevo Yuval

בהצלחה בקמפיין, בריאות לכולם

Steve & Barb Fischer | $103.62

Rosemary allamon

thank you for making the public aware of NF2

Juan | $100

We love you 🌹Karen❤️! Stay strong carnal Gilles!