Donor Wall (121)


In Memory of Alan Schiffman.

Gerard Henwood | $1,035.51


Found out about your cause on Counting Cars and Count's Kustoms' build for your cause. I can''t help in a big way, but do want to help in this small way. God Bless!

Bill Henwood | $517.91

For AJ Henwood and all who suffer from this disease.

Barbara | $259.11

This donation is in the name of Mr. Vito Grasso


S., thank you so much for sharing your insights with us!

Amy Stanlick | $50

This donation is in honor of the graduation of Seth Gelwasser - one of the strongest and bravest people we know. Keep up the fight, Seth!

Oliva Hoey | 40 €

Susan Taylor | $26.19

For my beautiful brave niece Olivia Hoey 💗

Emily Horan | 55 €

For Olivia Hoey from Auntie Em and Emmie xxxx


This donation is for my dear friend Sarah Louise who has been suffering from this disease for a very long time. We all hope that the development of a cure will be possible as this disease is incredibly debilitating. Lisa

Elizabeth | $2,070.70

Eric has been fighting against NF2 fr 35 years. This donation is to honor the love of my life, Eric.


Deseo se descubra la cura

Kris Klossner | $36.54

Sending love and Good vibes <3

Greg and Sandy Kreps | $207.35

Deian Owen | $1,000

Making great progress!

Torey | $5.49

All the Love from the Muffin Army! -vicTorey

Ferrous Processing and Trading Co. | $103.83

To Steve and family, in memory of your beloved Eric Fischer. From your friends Sheldon and Dave at Ferrous Processing and Trading.

Neurofibromatosis Michigan

In memory of Eric Fischer

Terri and Karl Rausch | $77.95

In memory of Eric Fischer.

Kennedy and Veronica | $1,035.51

In memory of our daughter, Nadia Luckett.

Gary & Cheryl

In Memory of Eric Fischer

Anne | $500

Your commitment to your children, and other people's children, is astounding. I am overwhelmed by the progress you have made in such a short time. You are a testament to the power that a few organized people can wield when united by a just cause.

Sandy & Dave Hammer

In memory of Eric L. Fischer

Tom & Lesia Howard | $52.07

In loving memory of Eric Fischer

JJ Bouvard

Kevin Sheldon

Keep fighting Rebecca Grasso! Merry Christmas to you and Matt, and let’s find a cure!

Paul Lipof | $1,000

Donated in support of Raphael Lipof and his family

Marc Neuman

Melissa | $72