Donor Wall (146)

Tiffany | $21.01

Nachum & Hannah Baruchi

This donation is on behalf of our granddaughter Tori Baruchi

Liz Halloran | $207.35

Supporting your great work on behalf of my wonderful nieces, Lizzie and Alanna Halloran

Jeff Schroeder | $500


Sara gave up on her physical Christmas gift in favor of a donation.

Eve Henwood | $569.67

Our family decided to give to a charity this year instead of exchanging gifts for our annual cousins' Pollyanna. This donation is in honor of our sweet nephew, AJ Henwood. We love you, AJ! ~Eve and Eric Henwood

Samantha Schulze | $103.83

Arnita Michelle Smith | $103.83

For gene therapy research in memory of Lanita Dawn McGee, Cincinnati, Ohio

Jocelyn Harris | $77.95

NF2 Research in memory of Lanita Dawn McGee, Cincinnati, OH.

Erin & Richard Louis

Donation made in memory of Margaret Holland

Tara Desmond | $52.07

Chung Chiang

For Isadora Isaacs

Deian Owen | $1,035.51

Bill Henwood | $1,035.51


In memory of Margaret Kirk Bragg Holland

Mary | $129.71

In memory of Margaret Holland

Sunny Hubner | $129.71

Marcus T Jones

GF2 Research Gift in memory of Lanita Dawn McGee, Cincinnati, OH

Manal | $310.87

Yael Karoly | $36.54

For Avery and Terri Rausch ❤️


In Memory of Alan Schiffman.

Mimi Cho-Rohlfsen | $1,035.51

Merrily de Boer

in honor of grandson Bryce

Robert Cannon

Randy Learish | $258.57

I hear the whistle blowing, and I'm on the NF2 Biosolutions train.


To finding a you Shells!!!

Luke Owens | $75

For Seamus and all the others.

Sylvia Siu | $129.44

Corey Weiner

In honor of Lauren Hanrahan

Bobbie | $10.66