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Sherry Zitter | $52.23

We are monthly donors, but this extra donation is in honor of the fast of Yom Kippur, our most holy Jewish holiday, when we focus on those who do not have enough to eat.

Venti Hung

Hope I can pass the post office exam and get the job to donate much more money

Catherine Miniken | $52.23

In solidarity with all the dear children who are the future of this world - always in my heart and prayers. Thank you for doing what you do.



@CharityHaus is happy to support you with your efforts to help others in greater need than you or I ❤

Lash vanity

Ronika | $104.15


We are going to be donating 10 dollars every month in memory of my grandfather Vitaly, who passed away at the beginning of the year in Kyiv, Ukraine. He was an amazing, clever, kind and generous person whom we love very much ❤️

Steven Barkley | $10.70


John Möller


John Möller

John Möller


Yimeng Zhao | $50

I donated on behalf of myself Yimeng Zhao and my wife Yan Li. I hope we will have a happy life together, and we will be able to help more people.

Pubudu Induruwa | $31.46

Jeremy | $104.15

振翔 | $10.70

Pedro | $5.50


Meeta Sureshbhai

Thank you Food for Life Global! Hare Krishna


Thanks for all your efforts and compassion. Please keep on raising awareness to the rest of the world, especially nations with high consumption of meat.

Sut Ying Nancy | $52.23

Pedro Santos | $10.70

Kitri Waterman | $104.15

Jason | $10.70/M

We all deserve life, no matter the species- Jason Garland Jr. ©

Pedro Santos | $10

Pedro Santos | $20

Pedro Santos | $5.50