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Wendy Brackman

Sri Subhash Pathuri | $21.08

Leah Meyers | $10.70/M

Thank you FFL for being a beacon of light in these dark times, your mission is so inspiring

Anthony | $5.50


Taylor Bechard | $519.52

To the children this helps. You guys are our future. We love you. To the team that runs this platform. You guys are amazing for that which you do. Please continue to find the best way possible to transfer the funds of those with blessings to those in need. Thank you from past the depths of our souls. ~ Mika & TJ


Love you guys


Ela | $10/M

Janine Henry | $104.15

Brihaspati Kumar Gaurav | $21.08



josh | $15.35


Jennifer | $30

ALICE | $52.23

I do not want any part of this donation to go to alternative spiritualities, but rather to feed the poor in the name of Christ. I do not believe in the equality of all life forms, as only humans bear the image of God. However, I think you provide the most merciful meals, and so I am donating purely for food relief, and not to spread false ideologies.



Great work, I salute the spirit.

Ali Brawner | $10.59

SWS Media Management LLC

Happy to be an OM ambassador and to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing organization. ❤️

Phillip Ortiz | $51.70


Skyler Conners-Daniel | $30


I love you unconditionally and nourish your bodies with high vibrational love, light, and energy.

Athoub Ali

Reem Almashaan | $21.08

Abhi Khatwani | $31.46


Jersey Shore Hot Yoga | $332.61

Thank you!