Donor Wall (49)

Baltimore Bite

Baltimore Bite really appreciates this restaurant, not only for the food but also the people making it. Keep up the great work, you are all amazing!

Andy Lacy | $100

You guys rock, keep up the awesome work!

Judy LaKind | $100

From Dan Naiman and Judy LaKind - keep up the great work!

Sayeed Choudhury | $100

Dena Forster

In memory of Stan Forster

Jason Perlow | $50

Sun Ah Blair Jewelry | $600

Alexandra Eisler | $50

So happy to support!!

Dylan Gorman | $100

Make something tasty!

Jon Loewenberg

Press on!

Krishna Potarazu | $500

Peggy Robbins | $50

Keep up the good work David. Peggy

Helyn | $250

This is awesome David!

Dena | $180

Donation in honor of Mimi's graduation and David and Mimi's Wedding Anniversary

Dena | $180

Cheryl Pipia | $1,000

Keep up the amazing work!

Nathan Rehr

Kathy Matsui | $500

Cheering you on from Tokyo! Ganbatte!

Mary Margaret | $250

Living the ASIJ Mission! Good job, David.

Saki Ohashi | $500

Masha | $50

Janet and Gene Witt | $100

Youme Araki | $50

Sending some Mustang pride from Virginia to Baltimore!

Laura Maeji | $50

So proud of you! Love this idea!


Great effort! Mark and Deb

Crystal O'Guin | $50

Thank you!

Catherine and Taisuke Sasanuma | $1,000

Thank you David for this great idea of serving the homeless and the brave healthcare providers during these tough times. Sending you love from Tokyo!


Thank you for doing this! Y'all have great food, I want your workers to stay employed, and the staff at Union Memorial have been there for me through several injuries, so I'm happy to pay for part of a good meal for them when they deserve it even more than usual :)


Thank you for stepping forward for all those brave souls treating the sick.

Mona Watson | $250