Donor Wall (12)

Michelle Stolk | C$21.18/M

Passionate about protecting our wild animals and wild spaces. Both are so vital to our world.

Marie-Claude | C$26.39

Colleen Berg | C$26.39/M

Thank you for this opportunity to act on behalf of Alberta wildlife in need.

Dave McKinnon | C$104.27

Jane Potter | C$21.20/M

John's passion for protecting wildlife and conserving habitat is so inspiring. My family and I are grateful to he and his team for "giving our wildlife a voice".

Willoughby | C$104.29

Thanks John for getting all the groups to collaborate


Together we share and help the wildlife in Canada.

Shelly | C$1,038.84

Happy to support your work

Shelly | C$1,038.84

Keep up the amazing work!

Jeff Kovitz | C$500

Great idea John

Dave McKinnon | C$104.26

Met you a couple of years ago in Canmore, Alberta and was taken by your genuine love and concern for Canada's wildlife and wild places. I've followed your EXPOSED series since that time and am overjoyed to see you take this to the next level with the establishment of the EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy. I encourage everyone to support and donate whatever you can to this wonderful new Conservancy.

Mel | C$104.26