Donor Wall (86)

Amanda Lippman | $100

Thank you for helping in ways I couldn’t. Hope this helps. I love you

Laura | $20

For the rescued puppies in need of medical treatment ❤️

Amanda | $20

In honor of the broward Sherrif who had compassion for me today

Susan Brown-Eberst | $100

My heart aches with all the pics. God Bless you for all you do.

Barbara Sirkin | $100

Bernita King | $100

This is a donation in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Henry Greengrass. He has chosen to honor the wonderful work you do. Bernita King

Lisa Sanzo | $100

Linda Rustin | $100

Thank you for everything you are doing!

Amanda Lippman | $20

I will Never stop giving my energy and money to you. Ty for all you do

jessica kermisch | $44

Lisa Heller Green | $50

Jordyn | $25

Alexandra Mata | $25

Robert Sheeler | $50

For Gigi. In memory of my mothers Poodle Gigi from where. I was a child. Surround Gigi with love

Marylin | $150

Carmen | $1,000

For Gigi. Thank you, Junior

Inez Giusti | $20

Shannon Rosario-Medina | $10/M

Nancy Bourke | $25

Amanda Lippman | $20

I will never stop working hard for you

The Knotty Dawg | $250

From your friends at The Knotty Dawg

Cookie Medina | $100


Junior, words can't express how thankful I am that you immediately reach out to rescue the 8 puppies the were left abandoned in front of my property. May they all find loving forever homes.

Patricia | $50

Rene Cruzata | $20

Carmen Marill | $350

For Gigi's surgery.

Raquel Chaple | $10

Delia | $100

Angel | $50

Thank you for your amazing work

Amanda Lippman | $50

You guys are true angels. With wings and everything