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Saba - congrats on your graduation!

Tecle Woldemichael | $50/M

Haile Tekle | $519.52

Thank you for your extraordinary dedication at this critical juncture in our arduous and protracted struggle for justice and meaningful democratic change at home. Keep up with your exemplary service to the beloved nation. I wish the esteemed and honorable members of ERISAT all the best.

Haile Tekle | $31.46/M

I would like to thank the dear brother Henok Tekle and his great team for transforming ERISAT into one of the very few reliable and highly professional news outlet in such a short span of time. You have done an exemplary job and your effort and dedication has made all the difference. Thank you ERISAT!

Araya Debessay | $300

Henok is doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work.

Fiseha Hagos | $120

I salute the contribution of Erisat to the struggle against the dictatorial Eritrean regime. helping Erisat is helping a good cause. Our combined concrete effort will hasten the downfall of the regime.

Tesfamariam G | $104.15/M

Mebrahtom | $26.27

Dawit Measho | $104.15

Tsigeroman | 1.000 €

I just want to help 🙏🏾

Jonathan Johns | $104.15

Afeworki Legesse | $100

Stephanos | $104.15/M

I pray and hope this will come to fruition and our people will be enlightened by positive and constructive dialogue.

Amanuel Ghebretsadik | $208/Y

With limited resources, Erisat is the only independent Eritrean trusted media currently working to encourage the works of the Eritrean justice seekers and to inform Eritreans by collecting and disseminate trusted information for the benefit of the public. I invite and encourage Eritreans to support and promote Erisat; as supporting EriSat is a prelude to establish a dependable and trustworthy Eritrean media that will encourage to build a culture of democratic discourse among Eritreans.

Yikaalo | $52.23

Hiryti Kidane | $50/M

From Bato Yiakl - BOSTON | $3,300

Contribution by Eritreans Deleiti Fithi Bayto Yiakl Boston to Eri-Sat

Nbeges | $26.27

Abraham | $1,038.73

May the Lord our God continue to bless the EriSat family for your time, energy, money and love in hopes of PEACE for all people. Happy New Year!

Awet measho | 10,64 €/M

Araya Debessay | $300

My contribution is in appreciation to the excellent service EriSat is doing to end dictatorship in Eritrea. I am particularly impressed with the outstanding job Henock is doing.

Seyoum Gebremedhin


Tesfalem | $104.15




Natsenat Berhane | $52.23/M

Anonymous | $52.23


Amanuel Ghebretsadik | $124.92

Thank you ERISAT for being a mouth of Eritrean justice seekers. I believe that with the contribution of all Eritreans, ERISAT would be a credible, consistent and independent media that would be a steppingstone for the establishment of formidable Eritrean independent media..