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Dennis Jordan | $15.97

John and Fiona Sampson | A$50.01

Thank God for outstanding organizations and people like you,because you exist,our planet smiles and our most vulnerable have hope.THANK YOU,THANKYOU,THANK YOU.

Susan | $516.84

Alexander Rosario | $36.47

Elizabeth Senger | $77.79

There are 4 dog racing tracks in Alabama where I live. What can I do on a local level?

Yvon | $103.62

Allison Daniels | $77.79

Joan | $103.62

As a Florida greyhound "mom", thank you for your work to stop greyhound racing in FL! Now to shut down the rest of the US tracks!!


Please stop dog racing of greyhounds, as it's very cruel. I did adopt the most wonderful greyhound and "MY MARIAH" lived in my home from 4 years old to 15 almost and was the most precious of all animals. I Loved her dearly! Please give all the greyhounds a wonderful, loving home, as they'll give back 150%!! Thank you!

Karen Shankman | $20.97

Anne Rawlings | £56.01

Judith | $206.92

Diana Sanchez | $5.48

Thank you so much for helping the animals.

Kimberly | $20.97

Tony Meinerding | $26.14

Keep up the efforts!

BEN BARNES | $77.79


Francine | $51.96

Coleen | $77.79


Jill and Jenkins | $51.96

Brooke | $51.96

Thank you for everything you do. I hope this nightmare ends soon.

Craig Sussman | $26.14

Rita | $103.62

I am anxiously waiting for the day I can adopt another greyhound an older gentleman. So sweet and loving. Should be next year.