Donor Wall (26)

Tammy Marin | $51.96

I wish I could donate more at this time, but unfortunately, I cannot. This is in remembrance of my 5 babies.....Barkley, J.D., Sherman, Phoenix and Kalli. I hope you can get this bill passed.

Paola Rissone | 10.62 €

Dorothy | $51.96

Carole | $26.14

The greyhound racing industry is cruel and inhumane treatment of greyhounds. Thank you so much for fighting to shut down greyhound racing dog tracks.

Nancy | $26.14

Fahim | $155.27

Best of luck ending this disgusting "sport"

Kathleen Eaton | $15.81

In memory of Tangy, our sweet rescue

annie schulhof | $258.57

Mary Frances Bayer | $51.96

Thank you for all that you do for our hounds. Stella, our little delight, is from wheeling.

Mirja | $26.14

Lonny England | $26.14

Mary Johnson | $26.14

End dog racing now! There is no place for it in a civilized society.

Jill Franzke | $103.62

In honor of all my wonderful past greyhounds, Winston, Corsair, Niles, and Nikki. Such gentle and loving companions!

Laurel Harmon | $103.62

Yvonne Autie | $26.14

My retired racer Daisy is a superb, loving companion

Olle | $31.30


In honor of my sweet grey, Stanley. He is a retired racer from Wheeling Island, and he is now living his best life in MA. :)

Eric McDonald | $206.92

Thank You for all the wonderful work you have and will continue to do! I have been out of contact for a while and see that you have narrowed the list of states to 5. WOW! Florida is a massive victory and we all love you for all the hard work you have (and,yes, again,) will continue to do. Be Well to all and to all a Good Home!


Aileen Ward | $10.64

Always with you in heart and objective These dogs deserve so much more than being used as a product ...

Ellen | $26.14

Thank you for helping to end greyhound racing in Florida. Hopefully WV will take the same step.

Nancy Stier | $77.79

Thank you for your hard work to end greyhound racing!!

James Zito | $26.14

Healy C. Cosay | $1,033.37