Donor Wall (37)

Steve Scanlan | $104.15

My mojo is off due to no live shows. The return of live music is desperately needed for the good of All.

Gerrit | $26.27

Ben | $52.23

Trea Fotidzis | $104.15

Benjamin Remsen | $52.23

I've seen more hours of mind-altering music in just the new Elastic than in any room in the world. All love and respect to everyone who's made Elastic happen over the years, most especially my best friend probably ever (move back to Philly already and I'll delete the "probably") Daniel Wyche who brought me in the fold in 2013, and through whom I met Paul and Sam and Dave. You're all heroes for the music (these many musics). Much deserved kudos to Nicole for decades of deep music. And what a class act move to use the space to bring in so many incredible voices, not to mention to make such a sick audiovisual collage with it!

Alex Inglizian | $52.23

Nick Macri | $26.27

Latoya Hunter | $104.15

Elastic what an amazing benefit! What a beautiful way to give back to the arts.

Lynne | $104.15

Aaron Rodgers | $104.15

Music and art heal me, and I love getting my Rx filled at Elastic.

Stylin' Out Network

Cheers to Elastic Arts from Stylin' Out Network!

Josh Berman | $104.15

So glad to glad to see Nicole being celebrated this way!! Thank you to Elastic Arts for being a home to artists from Chicago and around the world. Josh Berman and Amy Ornee

Sara Donnelly | $52.23

Essential getting and giving to Elastic. Thank you for the immense dedication.

Sara | $26.27

All the LOVE

Dolores Jackson | $259.92

Kudos, Elastic Arts! Keep doing what you do best!

Bill Parod | $104.15

Thank you for everything you do.

Irmi | $104.15

Congratulations on this amazing benefit event

Alejandro Ayala | $26.27

<3 Love you, Elastic! <3

Rich & Ruthie | $104.15

Samuel Lewis | $10.70/M

Kate Mahoney | $104.15

Mark | $30.30

Peace & Love to the Elastic Fam! Keep on, keepin' on!

Michael | $26.27

Nick Broste | $52.23

Love y’all, keep it going!

Lynne | $26.27

Sara | $26.27

A true Chicago treasure, thanks for the tunes and vibes, Elastic!

Aaron Rodgers | $26.27

Elastic exemplifies why I love Chiago!


Randy | $26.27

Thank you for the music!


all hail Elastic! Purveyors of this world’s finest tunes!