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All Fur One (AFO) is more than just a new rescue - it's a new community.  Our entire philosophy and approach towards reducing the homeless pet population reflects more than what we are able to do on our own - it represents the power of cultivating a network of support from animal lovers around the world.  We know we cannot do this alone and we want to honor those who help contribute to the development and success of AFO.  

While our new shelter will include features that make shelter-life as stress free as possible for our rescues (Free Roaming Rooms for both dogs and cats!), we also took special care to design the facility so that it emphasizes our gratefulness of our Volunteers and Donors.  Volunteers will be shown appreciation as they relax in the Volunteer Lounge filled with snacks and beverages.  Donors will be honored in the most creative and evident way we could think of - by being recognized, by name, on a spotlight feature wall that draws the attention of anyone walking into the facility!

We have set a goal to encourage donors to help us start our rescue out on the right paw - but we will continue to add names to this wall throughout the years.  Anyone who donates through this campaign will have their name added to our shelter on this featured wall!

How does it work?

You simply pick from the donation selections, provide us with the name you would like honored on our wall and once we have finished the wall (prior to opening in Spring 2019), we will send you the location of your name on the wall so that you know exactly where to look for it!  We will be promoting this wall on our social media accounts, so feel free to donate in the name of a company!

What if I want to donate in memory/honor of someone else?

Anyone who would like to donate in honor of someone else will proceed the same way as if you were donating on your own behalf.  The name will be listed as a single name.  Anyone donating in memory of a loved one will have a simple (small) "In Loving Memory Of" text written over whichever text print option they are choosing for their donation.  This will be classy but generic so that the focus can be on the individual names.  

What are the colors/fonts?

The featured wall will be a dark gray so that all names in white will POP and be easily recognized.  The style, height and boldness of the font will vary depending on the donation.  Examples are provided below, please make sure you pick the one that best represents you!

What if I want to donate more than $150?

We kindly ask that anyone who wants to donate an amount greater than $150 to use the "enter custom amount" donation button.  Anyone donating over $150 will have a 5 inch, bold text name in the "Caleb Font" above.  If interested, you can also consider becoming a Sponsor (see more info below).

Disclaimer: All Fur One Pet Rescue & Adoptions, Inc. holds the right to refuse any name as presented if deemed inappropriate by the Board of Directors and to refund any donation if considered by the Board of Directors to be a conflict of interested to All Fur One Pet Rescue & Adoptions, Inc.

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, EIN 83-1926624. All donations are tax deductible and you will be provided a receipt for your donations. No goods or services were exchanged for this donation.